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Grade 4 Math Worksheets

Fourth-grade math focuses on understanding a) multiplication and division b) basic operations with fractions. The standards also cite a good bit of analyzing and classifying basic geometric shapes, but we seem to find less emphasis on geometry in all the testing that we see on the area. Below you will find all the key topics for grade level 4. To help reinforce the classroom materials we have 4th Grade Math Posters too.

Operations and Pre-Algebra

The Properties of Multiplication- 4.OA.1

The Distributive Property of Multiplication- 4.OA.1

Multiply or Divide Word Problems- 4.OA.2

Multiplication Word Problems - 4.OA.2

Multi-Step Word Problems - 4.OA.3

Simple Algebra Word Problems - 4.OA.A.3

Mixed Basic Operations Word Problems - 4.OA.A.3

Pre-Algebra Word Problems - 4.OA.A.3

Frontend Estimation Word Problems - 4.OA.A.3

Factor Pairs to 100 - 4.OA.4

Triple Digits Divided By Single Digits - 4.OA.B.4

Math Rules and Patterns- 4.OA.5

Counting Patterns - 4.OA.C.5

Understanding Numeric Patterns - 4.OA.C.5

Pre-Algebraic Number Sequences and Patterns - 4.OA.C.5

Visual Math Pattern - 4.OA.C.5

Prime and Composite Numbers - 4.OA


Numbers and Base Ten

The Tens, Hundred, and Thousands Place- 4.NBT.1

Comparing Multi-Digit Numbers - 4.NBT.2

Identifying Place Values Within Numbers - 4.NBT.2

Identifying Whole Number Place Values (Up to Hundred Thousand) - 4.NBT.2

Place Value Rearrangement - 4.NBT.2

Rounding Numbers By Place Value- 4.NBT.3

Rounding Integers Based on Place Value - 4.NBT.3

Rounding Large Numbers - 4.NBT.A3

Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers- 4.NBT.4

Four Digit Subtraction - 4.NBT.B.4

Five Digit Subtraction - 4.NBT.B.4

Estimate Differences - 4.NBT.B.4

Visual Estimation - 4.NBT.B.4

Visual Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - 4.NF.B4.b

Multiplication 2 Digit (In Grid) - 4.NBT.B.5

Multiplication 3 by 2 Digit (In Grid) - 4.NBT.B.5

Multiplication 3 by 3 Digit (In Grid) - 4.NBT.B.5

Multi-Number Multiplication - 4.NBT.5

Multiplying Using Arrays - 4.NBT.5

Lattice Method of Multiplication - 4.NBT.B.5

Beginning Long Division- 4.NBT.6


Numbers and Fractions

Making Equivalent Fractions- 4.NF.1

Comparing Mixed Fractions - 4.NF.2

Sums and Differences of Like Fractions- 4.NF.3

Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers With Like Denominators- 4.NF.3

Sum and Difference Fraction Word Problems - 4.NF.3

Fraction Addition (Like Denominators) - 4.NF.B.3a

Fraction Subtraction (Like Denominators) - 4.NF.B.3a

Fractions to Mixed Numbers - 4.NF.B.3b

Fractions and Whole Numbers in Words and Visuals- 4.NF.4

Fractions and Whole Number Multiplication- 4.NF.4

Products of Fractions and Whole Numbers in Word Problems- 4.NF.4

Denominators of Tenths and Hundredths- 4.NF.5

Decimal Notation for Fractions (10 or 100 Denominators)- 4.NF.6

Compare Two Decimals (to the hundredths place)- 4.NF.7

Identifying Place Values with Decimals- 4.NF.7


Measurement and Data

Relative Sizes of Measurement Units- 4.MD.1

Estimating Weight - 4.MD.A.1

Introduction to the Metric System - 4.MD.A.1

Metric Units of Length - 4.MD.A.1

Metric Capacity - 4.MD.A.1

Metric Mass - 4.MD.A.1

Measurement Distance, Time, Liquid Volume Word Problems- 4.MD.2

Intermediate Money Word Problems - 4.MD.A.2

Simple Money Word Problems - 4.MD.A.2

Mystery Coin Values - 4.MD.A.2

Money Puzzle and Riddles - 4.MD.A.2

Operations With Units of Measure Worksheets - 4.MD.A.2

Metric Units of Volume - 4.MD.A.2

Area and Perimeter Word Problems- 4.MD.3

Area and Perimeter of Triangles, Parallelograms and Trapezoids - 4.MD.A.3

Measurements in Fractions of a Unit - 4.MD.4

Recognize Angles as Geometric Shapes- 4.MD.5

Segments, Rays, Lines - 4.MD.5

Measure Angles with a Protractor- 4.MD.6

Adding Angles of Measure- 4.MD.7



Identify and Classify Angles- 4.G.1

Classifying Two-dimensional Figures- 4.G.2

Lines of Symmetry in Two-dimensional Figures- 4.G.3

Symmetry of Objects - 4.G.3

Halfway - 4.G.A.3