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4th Grade Math Worksheets

4th grade math focuses on understanding your core math operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing). When it comes to addition and subtraction students are expected to be swift and precise when dealing with up to six-digit values. We expect that students will understand how to find factors and multiples by the conclusion of the school year. With division we are expecting them to learn about remainders and what they mean. They carry these skills into word problems we some solid expectations of being able to find unknown values. The 4th grade curriculum is heavy on fractions. Students are required to understand basic operations and how to manipulate numerators and denominators through those operations. This then transitions into forming improper fractions and mixed numbers. The standards also cite a good bit of analyzing and classifying basic geometric shapes, but we seem to find less emphasis on geometry in all the testing that we see on the area. Below you will find all the key topics for the 4th grade level in the form of worksheets and lessons. To help reinforce the classroom materials we have 4th Grade Math Posters too.

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What Math Skills Should 4th Graders Have?

The 4th grade is where a rapid jump up in math skills kicks in. The topics take on a new level of sophistication that require critical thinking and responsible study habit to be successful. We should take a look at what skills should have the first day that they attend class. If your 4th grade student is behind on any of these skills, we would encourage you to working on developing these skills further prior to your first day of class. Students should be able to create their own line and bar graph. From those visuals they should be able to answer basic questions about the data. 4th grade students should be able to compare large values and understand the concept of a negative number. Their multiplication and division skills should be pretty far along. Determine multiples, as well as multiplying and dividing double and triple digits should be routine. They should also have their products and quotients down mentally. Students should have a basic understanding of decimal and fractional values. They should be able to add and subtract these values and represent them on a numbers line. They should also be able to convert values between decimals and fractions easily. We see 4th grade students accurately read and make measures of capacity, length, mass, and temperature. They have a rudimentary mastery of calculations with time and money. If all has gone well to now, students can solve word problems that require several steps. If your student is solid with all the skills we have mentioned, they should be ready for a productive school year with 4th grade math.

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