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Printable 4th Grade Math Posters

Rounding Large Numbers Preview

We had a ton of our writers put these together. You should find them very helpful. Each poster is aligned to a standard. We listed them in order according to the Common Core. As you scroll down the page, the topics advance at good pace. You will be able to print just over one-hundred and twenty-five posters for grade 4 from this page. We recommend that you turn the print quality to "High" to insure a long lasting, high-quality poster for your classroom.

Operations and Pre-Algebra

The Properties of Multiplication- 4.OA.1

The Distributive Property of Multiplication- 4.OA.1

Multiply or Divide Word Problems- 4.OA.2

  • A Piece of the Pie- To get a piece of the whole pie or to give others a slice: DIVIDE. To make more of something like cookies: MULTIPLY.

Multiplication Word Problems - 4.OA.2

  • Word Problem Steps- Identify the numbers and the operation needed. Evaluate the information. Show your work and solve.

Multi-Step Word Problems - 4.OA.3

  • Snakey Chart- Make note of the numbered objects. Pay close attention to the operation needed to solve the problem.

Simple Algebra Word Problems - 4.OA.A.3

  • Step Chart- Great to form a process in your head and get a rhythm going for you.

  • Popcorn Chart- A different way of looking at it. The path to take.

Mixed Basic Operations Word Problems - 4.OA.A.3

  • Circle of Needs- Choose the operation that best meets the needs of the word problem.

Factor Pairs to 100 - 4.OA.4

Triple Digits Divided By Single Digits - 4.OA.B.4

  • Laddered Division- A walk through the steps. A single digit divided into a triple digit.

Math Rules and Patterns- 4.OA.5

  • Types of Patterns- Repeating Patterns . Growing Patterns . Shrinking Patterns . Remember the rules!

Counting Patterns - 4.OA.C.5

Numbers and Base Ten

The Tens, Hundred, and Thousands Place- 4.NBT.1

  • How Many Tens?- 1000 = How many tens? 100 tens! A quick reminder for students.

Comparing Multi-Digit Numbers - 4.NBT.2

Identifying Place Values Within Numbers - 4.NBT.2

Identifying Whole Number Place Values - 4.NBT.2

  • Whole Numbers - Identifying Whole Number Place Values (Up To Hundred Thousand.

Place Value Rearrangement - 4.NBT.2

  • Smallest to Largest- The same number can be rearranged to show the smallest and largest place values.

  • Extreme Values- Rearrange the numbers in the following to smallest and then largest.

Rounding Numbers By Place Value- 4.NBT.3

  • About How Much?- About how much does this house cost if the price is $457,934 (to the nearest TEN THOUSAND)?

Rounding Integers Based on Place Value - 4.NBT.3

  • Nearest Hundred - The first shows there are 9 ones The second shows there are 8 tens. What Number is missing from row 3?

Rounding Large Numbers - 4.NBT.A3

Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers- 4.NBT.4

  • Apple Holes - Apple tree math. File in the value of the missing integers in the sum.

  • Prime Example - Two different orientations of the same problem. To show how they can be placed.

Four Digit Subtraction - 4.NBT.B.4

  • RIGHT to LEFT - Subtract from RIGHT to LEFT. Focus on the place value and carrying values over.

  • Double Examples - Same form, different setup. There 2 examples worked through for you.

Five Digit Subtraction - 4.NBT.B.4

  • Start Here - Where to get these problems going. There is no borrowing needed on this problem.

  • Book It - The big problem on books. It follows the same form as the last problem.

Estimate Differences - 4.NBT.B.4

  • 5 Up, 4 Down - Reminds you how to estimate with round up and round down strategies.

  • Punky - The rules spelled out to you in full punk rock mode.

Visual Estimation - 4.NBT.B.4

  • Eyes On Me! - Estimation gives us an idea of what our answer should be near.

Multiplication 2 Digit (In Grid) - 4.NBT.B.5

  • Block Products - The blocks make it obvious. What is the missing value inside that product problem?

Multiplication 3 by 2 Digit (In Grid) - 4.NBT.B.5

  • Underlines- Fill in the missing number for this two by three-digit multiplication exercise.

  • Extended Grids - Solve that puzzle by stepping through all the parts of this solution.

Multiplication 3 by 3 Digit (In Grid) - 4.NBT.B.5

  • Huge Grids- The place holders are highlighted. There are several missing steps here.

Multi-Number Multiplication - 4.NBT.B.5

Lattice Method of Multiplication - 4.NBT.B.5

  • Zigs to Zags- A visual of the pattern you would need to follow.

Beginning Long Division- 4.NBT.6

  • Step Through It - This displays how to arrange your long division problems.

  • Picture It - It's kind of like bowling or curling.

Numbers and Fractions

Making Equivalent Fractions- 4.NF.1

  • Move It Around - You will need to have color or grayscale set to on for this one.

Comparing Mixed Fractions - 4.NF.2

Sums and Differences of Like Fractions- 4.NF.3

Add / Subtract Mixed Numbers With Like Denominators- 4.NF.3

  • Balloons To PopRemember to: SUBTRACT Numerators, Then Subtract WHOLE NUMBERS, AND Simplify the ANSWER.

Sum and Difference Fraction Word Problems - 4.NF.3

  • Sunny StepsRead the Problem , Write the Equation, Solve, Simplify

Fraction Addition (Like Denominators) - 4.NF.B.3a

  • Just Add... - Just add the numerators if the denominators are the same.

Fraction Subtraction (Like Denominators) - 4.NF.B.3a

  • Birdy Idea - Subtract Numerators with Like Denominators

Fractions to Mixed Numbers - 4.NF.B.3b

  • You Got It! - Divide the numerator by the denominator.

  • Mushroom to Dinosaur - So, to get a mixed number, I just DIVIDE the Numerator by the Denominator. Sounds easy enough...

Fractions and Whole Numbers in Words and Visuals- 4.NF.4

Fractions and Whole Number Multiplication- 4.NF.4

Products of Fractions and Whole Numbers in Word Problems- 4.NF.4

  • Tornado Take Out - If this tornado takes out 3/4 of the town’s trees, and the town has 25 trees, how many trees were destroyed?

Denominators of Tenths and Hundredths- 4.NF.5

Decimal Notation for Fractions - 4.NF.6

Compare Two Decimals (hundredths)- 4.NF.7

  • Symbol It - Use >, <, or = Compare each place (before and after the decimal).

Identifying Place Values with Decimals- 4.NF.7

Measurement and Data

Relative Sizes of Measurement Units- 4.MD.1

Estimating Weight - 4.MD.A.1

Introduction to the Metric System - 4.MD.A.1

Measurement Distance, Time, Liquid Volume Word Problems- 4.MD.2

  • Plus Check It - Measure Distance, Time, Liquid Volume, Salary in Word Problem.

Intermediate Money Word Problems - 4.MD.A.2

  • Make It Money - READ the Problem, Write an Equation, Solve, $00.00, Check your Work

Simple Money Word Problems - 4.MD.A.2

  • Basic Steps - READ the problem carefully, WRITE an equation, SOLVE, CHECK work.

Operations With Units of Measure Worksheets - 4.MD.A.2

Area and Perimeter Word Problems- 4.MD.3

Area and Perimeter of Triangles, Parallelograms and Trapezoids - 4.MD.A.3

Measurements in Fractions of a Unit - 4.MD.4

Recognize Angles as Geometric Shapes- 4.MD.5

  • The Right Angle - A RIGHT ANGLE looks like the corner of a SQUARE - it is 90 degrees.

Segments, Rays, Lines - 4.MD.5

  • Defined - Line - A set of points that continues. Point - a place on the line. Segment - a section between two points; on a line that is specific.

  • Another View Point - Ray - represented by an arrow, this is a section between points on a line that continues.

Measure Angles with a Protractor- 4.MD.6

Adding Angles of Measure- 4.MD.7

  • Missing Angles - To find the answer add or subtract to find the angle.


Identify and Classify Angles- 4.G.1

Classifying Two-dimensional Figures- 4.G.2



Lines of Symmetry in Two-dimensional Figures- 4.G.3

  • How To Fold It! - ASYMMETRY - Because it is NOT a mirror image when folded on the dotted line.

Symmetry of Objects - 4.G.3

  • Reflect It - Finish this picture so it is SYMMETRICAL.

  • Red Is Good? - Remember: If it can be folded in half and still be the same, it is SYMMETRICAL.

Halfway - 4.G.A.3

  • What Is Half? - This Butterfly is divided in half with the RED LINE.

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