Worksheets By Grade Level

All the worksheets below are aligned to the Common Core Math Curriculum.

  • Preschool - Preschool is a level that is overlooked by the core curriculum. I have done my best to address students at this level, without standards from which to work.

  • Kindergarten - This grade level is heavily dependent on count skills. The geometry sections can often be challenging for the little ones.

  • Grade 1 - We start working on our basic operations at this level. Hopefully we have a good understanding of subtraction by the time we are done.

  • Grade 2 - You will master your basic operations and start looking at fractions and graphs in their most simplistic form.

  • Grade 3 - Third grade starts to become heavy with fractions and measurement. It gets really hands on with tools as well. A really fun math grade to teach or learn.

  • Grade 4 - We spend a great deal of time mastering fractions. We start to explore geometry and solve equations in basic algebra.

  • Grade 5 - Students start to see real algebra for the first time. Multiplication and long division are at the core of this grade level.

  • Grade 6- Proportions finally take hold and we are ready for real algebra at this grade level. The word problems actually get difficult.

  • Grade 7- Statistics and probability start to get difficult for most. Trigonometry and relationship between algebra and geometry start to appear.

  • Grade 8- Geometry and three step problems begin to dominate the curriculum. Those areas require a great deal of attention for students.

  • High School: Numbers and Quantity- This is where the heat gets turned up a bit. From a walk to a run as far as curriculum goes.

  • High School: Algebra - The root of all problems is finding like terms and simplifying by factoring. You have those two skills down and you're ahead of the game.

  • High School Geometry - A mix of real-world applications can be found in this material. This math has many practical applications.

  • High School Functions - Functions are a form of math that is in high demand at the corporate level. Chances are if your job uses functions often, you are successful.

  • High School Statistics and Probability - The math skills that help you model and forecast what will happen with subtle changes.