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Grade 6 Math Worksheets

Grade 6 is where we really start to do actual algebra. Not only solving for x, but using variables in the form of an expression. The main pre-algebra skill is to understand how to use variables to manipulate equations and expressions. Ratios and proportions really dominate the start of the year; although I have seen many teachers tackle the algebra portion of the curriculum first. Place value within a decimal setting are looked at often. This pivots to help students understand the relationship between a stated as a fraction, decimal, or percentage. Statistics is used heavily at this grade level, but mostly to understand data and the way it way be displayed. The year normally ends off with plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate graph. To enhance your learning environment, we also have 6th Grade Math Posters. Below you will find links to literally hundreds of printable worksheets and lessons for 6th graders.

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What Math Skills Should Students Know Before They Reach Grade 6?

Understanding what students need to learn in grade 6 starts with building off of what they already have mastered. At this point students should have a solid understanding of their math operations. They should be able to find the product of larger numbers. They should have a solid foundation rooted in decimals. They should be able to compare and round decimals. They should be comfortable performing math operations with both decimals (to hundredths). When it comes to fractions, they should have mastered finding a common denominator in addition to adding, subtracting, and comparing fractional values. When evaluating data sets grade 6 students should be able to create and understand how to appraise bar and line graphs. I also find that there is some level of crossover from other subjects, they are very comfortable with Venn diagrams at this level. Their geometry skills are ready to be heightened, but they know their way around a protractor. They should also be able to sort geometric shapes and be able to classify triangles, quadrilaterals, and commonly studied polygons. These core skills will provide them the foundation required to move to more advanced skills that they will tackle in grade 6. The best advice we could give to students is to be conscious of math endurance. Having patience is a key habit with this material.

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