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Percent From Decimal Worksheets

There three common methods that we use in math for expressing the value of something. One of the best ways to see this is by thinking of the concept of the value of a half. As a fraction we write it as ½ . As a percentage we write it as 50%. As a decimal we write it as 0.5. All three of those values are used to describe the same amount just in a slightly different way. In this section we will learn how to convert a value that is given to in a decimal form to a percent. This is one of the easier conversions because all that it requires you to do is slide the decimal. If you forgot how to do this, look at the lessons or the bottom of this page. These worksheets and lessons focus on the use of decimals to find the value of percentages.

Aligned Standard: 6.RP.A.3

  • Step By Step Lesson- Bruce is looking for the easiest way to navigate an asteroid field.
  • Guided Lesson - A few baseball related word problems to get you going here.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - The basic three-step process you need to run here.
  • Worksheet 1 - Each worksheet has an example fully completed for you, in case students forgot the skill.
  • Worksheet 2 - Very similar content to point you in the right direction.
  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

Homework Sheets

This skill is usually the method I suggest for determining percentages.

  • Homework 1 - Find the percentage of the following numbers using decimal method.
  • Homework 2 - We are asked to use the decimal method. This tells us to convert the percentage to a simple decimal and multiply it by the integer in question.
  • Homework 3 - If we consider that 1 = 100%, it can lead you to the second value.

Practice Worksheets

Plenty of practice to get you ready for the overall topic.

  • Practice 1 - Find the integer that we are looking for a percentage of.
  • Practice 2 - Convert the percentage to a decimal by moving the decimal 2 places to the left.
  • Practice 3 - Multiply the integer by the decimal value. Round, if necessary.

Math Skill Quizzes

We use slightly larger integers here to even out the skill.

  • Quiz 1 - Why would you lean heavy into another method.
  • Quiz 2 - We wish we had the advantage of working easier.

Converting Decimal Values into Percentages

Rising on a Graph

Knowing how to find percentages from different formats is a valuable skill and is beneficial when doing your finances. Whether you are mentally estimating your expenses, modeling your loan on a spreadsheet, or using a calculator, you need to understand how decimals and percentages are related.

Percentages are a great way to instantly see our progress with something. A positive percentage often indicates progress or growth, which is normally the way we want things to go. Negative versions of those values often indicate loss or decay of some kind. It should be note that negative percentages can also be a good thing, for instance loss of body fat or decrease the size of a cancerous tumor. Like many things in life, it is all about the individual situation that you find yourself in.

If you have an idea of what interest rates are, then you might have noticed that most interest rates are written in decimal form. The decimal form of these interest rates signifies the percentage. The decimal form helps you make the calculations. There are several ways of converting between decimals and percentages of the same value:

Decimal to Percent - If you have a value in decimal form and you wish to convert it to a percentage all you need to do is multiply the decimal value by 100%. This works out because 100% is the equivalent of 1. Multiplying anything by 1 does not change its value. Here are 3 examples of converting decimals to percentages:

a) 0.15 | 0.15 x 100% = 15%

b) 0.625 | 0.625 x 100% = 62.5%

c) 1.54 | 1.54 x 100% = 154%

You can also take a slightly different approach. You can look at this like moving the decimal point two places to right. That is because when ever you multiply anything by 100, that is exactly what happens. You can use either of these methods which ever works best for you.

Percent to Decimal - The simplest one is dividing by 100. For example, converting 85 percent into decimal form. We will divide 85 by 100 to get 0.85 as a result, which is the same as 85% in decimal form. Another way to achieve this is by moving the decimal places. For example, 85 is the same as 85.00. For converting it to the decimal form, we will move the decimal places to two places to the left. The result we will get is 0.85. The method works even on the complex numbers.

Here are some examples; 100 percent becomes 1 or 1.00 : 77.343 percent becomes 0.77343 : 0.6 percent becomes 0.006.

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