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Percentage Worksheets

What are Percentages? You can observe percentages almost everywhere, in shops and supermarkets, advertising and even on the internet. Percentages are one of the essential concepts that form the basis of many advanced mathematical concepts. Students must have a firm grip on this concept to help them gain a better understanding of future concepts. The basic learning of percentages begins in third grade which then steadily advances in future grades. To fully grasp the concept, students should be able to understand the relationship of percentage with decimals and fractions. The term 'percent' stands for 'out of hundred'. Percentages, like decimals and fractions, are used to describe the parts of the whole. In percentage, the whole is divided into a hundred equal parts. Percentages are denoted by the symbol '%'. To help your students learn percentages easily, try using 100 small boxes. You can use the grid to represent the whole and parts of percentages. If you color the 25 boxes out of the 100 boxes, then students can visualize 15%. If you color all the 100 boxes, you can demonstrate 100% to the students. Encourage students to design their grids and compute different percentages by coloring different numbers of boxes. You will work through all kinds of conversions with percentages. I like to call them the "Math Conversion Trilogy": Decimals, Fractions, and Percentage. You will move between all three very often.