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Interpreting Pie or Circle Graphs Worksheets

When you really want to drive your point home to audience displaying your data in this form can be very impactful. You might notice that most poll results are either found in this form or in a standard bar graph format. This section was put together to help students not only answer questions about a pie or circle graph, but also how to analyze them and find the unasked questions. While these data displays see primitive, there are many different truths and testable hypotheses that come up from their analysis. These worksheets and lesson help students learn how to read and interpret pie or circle graphs.

Aligned Standard: 3.MD.B.3

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Homework Sheets

Having too many TVs is usually a problem at most places.

  • Homework 1 - Jeff counted the different types of televisions that were in the sports lounge. He created the pie chart below. Which type of television is found the most in the sports lounge?
  • Homework 2 - The counselor made a pie chart to show the breakdown of the sports that students play. Which two sports do the same number of students play?
  • Homework 3 - People selected their car. The results of the survey was displayed by the pie chart below.

Practice Worksheets

I hope the famous people I picked for sheet 2 are still cool? (by kid standards)

  • Practice 1 - A group of college students were asked to choose their favorite of 4 actors. They created the pie chart below as a result of the vote.
  • Practice 2 - Which two snacks did the same number of people select?
  • Practice 3 - What was the second most popular pair of jeans on the chart?

Math Skill Quizzes

Each table I setup might run a little out of the norms as far as the result of the survey.

  • Quiz 1 - What was the second most popular type of footwear on the chart?
  • Quiz 2 - Which two pastries did the same number of people select?
  • Quiz 3 - If there are 25 votes for physics, how many votes for English are there?

How Do You Read Pie or Circle Graphs?

50% Circle Graph

Visually data can help organizations identify trends and make well thought-out decisions. There are a variety of different ways of visually displaying data. Bar graphs, histograms, dot, and plot, scatter plots, line graphs, and circle graphs or pie charts. Which type of display you should use entirely depends on your audience and the goal you are attempting to achieve.

A circle graph, or a pie chart is an easy way to visualize numeric information that represents a percentage of whole. The circle is divided into different segments, and each segment represents a part of the data. A lot of students find it difficult to read a pie chart. A complete pie chart, 360°, represents 100%. If half of the pie chart is filled, it represents 50% of the data. The angles help in determining the exact percentages and quantities from a pie chart.

A pie chart represents the results of a survey of the number and type of vehicles were passing a particular junction. Only the number of buses is known, which was 150. You can easily find the number of motorcycles and cars using the given angles. To find the total percentage of each of the vehicles, you have to divide the angle of the sector with 360° and multiply it by 100.

How Is This Skill Used in The Real World?

Circle graphs are used all over the world to help people understand preferences outcomes in all types of industries. In the business world, they are helpful to understand the things that customers would like to purchase through customers surveys. It also helps these businesses understand what customers like and do not like about their current products of services. The goal is to identify the low hang fruit that they should change to improve their overall customer experience. This technique can also be applied to the medical world. It can help physicians and nurses identify the biggest threats to their patients well being and it can even further identify risks. For example, my orthopedic doctor recently shared a circle graph displaying the majority of injuries suffered by tennis players. Elbow tendonitis (tennis elbow) account for more than half of the injuries. I am a tennis player and he was warning me what to look out for. Needless to say, I make sure to properly rest and massage the tissue around my elbow tendon regularly now.

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