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Percentage Equation

There are many times we will need to report or quantify the amount of a whole value something is. The percent equation allows us to do this. The percent equation simple states that the part (a) is to the product of the percent (p) and whole (b). It can be symbolized by a = p x b. While this may seem like a simple algebraic equation it has a huge number of uses and application to real world everyday situations. It is used in all types of game theory to calculate the success and failure of youth to professional levels of just about anything. You can use this this to determine how much of a tip you should leave for someone who provided you with great service. The finance industry uses it to determine your monthly bills for loans and credit cards. This selection of worksheets will help you become comfortable using the percentage equation in simple to intermediate level applications.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

  • Piggy Pete's Car Lot Lesson- Piggy Pete owns a car lot that has 80 cars on it. All the cars are the same make and model. He has a sales force of 5 people. Over the course of the month, the sales force sells 60% of the cars on the lot. They sell the cars for $18,500 each. 1. How many cars did they sell in that month? 2. How much money did they make that month?
  • Guided Lesson - You will work on simple problems and apply the equation to complex word problems.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - You will be shown how to break each of these problems down into a digestible form for yourself.
  • Worksheet 1 - Use a proportion to solve each problem. Round answers to nearest hundredth.
  • Worksheet 2 - This is a mix of simple problems and word problems.
  • Worksheet 3 - There are 800 students at Smith Elementary. The table shows the number or percent of students in each grade. Work off of those values to answer these problems.
  • Worksheet 4 - It is all about selling these specific types of berries.

Homework Sheets

These sheets cover the most basic form of question to advanced and complex forms.

  • Homework 1 - 4 is what % less than 80?
  • Homework 2 - The equation that we use for percentage decrease is: difference of values/ larger value x 100%
  • Homework 3 - For all of the problems we need to determine the percentage decrease.
  • Homework 4 - Sam and Bob made $50 painting the fence. If they put in a savings account and want to have $55 at the end of a year, what interest rate would they want to bank to pay?
  • Homework 5 - There are about 8 billion people in the world. About 51% of them are female. How many people are female? (Round to nearest billion)

Practice Worksheets

Each of these sheets get more diffficult as you move on.

  • Practice 1 - Solve for what each math sentence is asking you for.
  • Practice 2 - A company surveyed 5000 people to find their favorite music. Fill in the missing values on the chart.
  • Practice 3 - Smithville Paper Co. pays employees on straight commission at a 3% rate. If Bill says $700 worth of paper how much would he make?
  • Practice 4 - At North High School the enrollment is 2000 students. Of those 35% are taking Spanish I and 20% are taking Spanish II. How many students are enrolled in either Spanish I or Spanish II classes?

Math Skill Quizzes

It is time to see how well you are doing with this skill.

  • Quiz 1 - Use a proportion to solve each problem.
  • Quiz 2 - Bill took a poll of two hundred and fifty of his classmates to determine what pet they liked most. The results are shown in the table, but some of it is empty.
  • Quiz 3 - At the end of the three years in the problem above, Carl takes all of his money (interest and investment) and moves it to a savings account that yields 2% interest / year. How much will he make on the investment in that year?
  • Quiz 4 - Bill buys a computer and pays 3% sales tax. If his receipt shows taxes of $60 how much was the computer?

Word Problem amd Table Based Sheets

Break all of these down into simple parts and then see how the parts interact before trying to solve them.

  • Word Problems 1 - Use a proportion to solve each problem.
  • Word Problems 2 - One hundred dollars invested at 3% annually for 3.5 years would yield how much interest?
  • Word Problems 3 - Very simple problems that you will need to piece together.
  • Tables 1 - Example: John can select two options of payment. Option A is a commission of 4% and Option B is to be paid $8 per hour. If John thinks he can sell $5000 worth of product and he plans to work 5 hours for 5 days which option would be the best?
  • Tables 2 - What would the discount and final price be on the following sale with a coupon?
  • Tables 3 - We will work this through a whole bunch of finanical based problems.

Skills Review Sheets

These are the core skills that are required to solve those story based problems.

  • Review 1 - Pete the Pirate's has 300 pirate friends. If 35% of those are captains of ships, how many captains are there in the group?
  • Review 2 - The next night Michelle meets a group of friends for pizza and brings a 30% off coupon. If the group spends a total of $60 on pizza, how much will Michelle's coupon save the group?
  • Review 3 - At Crest High School 20% of the students are Seniors. If there are 500 students, how many are seniors?
  • Of Over Is Problems Sheet 1 - Use a proportion to solve each problem. Round answers to nearest hundredth.
  • OOI Sheet 2 - Fill in whatever may be missing.
  • OOI Sheet 3 - You will apply that famous equation one more time.
  • OOI Sheet 4 - See how quick you can get through this last one.