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Percentage as a Rate per Hundred

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Grade 6 Proportional Relationships - 6.RP.A.3c

How to Determine the Percentage of a Value?- Percentage calculation is another important concept of mathematics that has significant use even in real life. Whether calculating the increase in profit of a company or calculation of grades in a classroom, percentage calculations are used everywhere. Percent is a term that means for every 100 and the symbol that is used to represent percentage is %. The symbol is a quick way to right a fraction with 100 as its denominator. Determining the percentage of a value is simple. Example: A classroom has 35 students out of which 25% students failed in the math exam. How many pupils failed the math exam? The question is asking to calculate 25% of the 35. Step 1: Write % as a Fraction- The first step is to write the percentage as a fraction with 100 as its denominator. 25% = 25/100 Step 2: Multiply Fraction with Value- The next step is to multiply the fraction created with the given value. 25/100 × 35 Step 3: Simplify the Final Fraction- Simplify the final fraction that you get after multiplying the percentage fraction with the value. Convert it into a whole number or a decimal value by division and it will be the final answer.

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