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Percents on Number Lines Worksheets

A number line is a great tool to use to visualize where a percentage of a total value lies. We often see percentages visualized with the help of a pie chart, but I definitely feel that seeing the whole value set out in a linear fashion really helps this concept sink in for students. You will come across a series of much more complex problems as you progress down this path, but this simple tool can help you out of many overwhelming math situations. The worksheets and lessons can be used to show you a relative position of a percentage value expressed on a number line.

Aligned Standard: 7.RP.A.3

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Homework Sheets

Henry has a big fish tank. Parker loves to adopt pets from the shelter. Animal Number Lines anyone?

  • Homework 1 - Henry has a big fish tank. If he has 20 blue fish, which represents 55% of the fish in his tank, how many fish does he have in all?
  • Homework 2 - Johnny is the manager of a zoo. If 30% of his zoo animals are birds and he has 98 birds, how many animals does he have in all?
  • Homework 3 - Annabell loves to collect rings. She has 8 ring with a rose quartz centerpiece, which is 20% of her collection. How many rings does she have in all?

Practice Worksheets

Mikayla and her class were on a treasure hunt and a bunch of other interesting things too.

  • Practice 1 - If Mary found 13 items on the treasure hunt and Jimmy found about 73% of the items, who found more items on the treasure hunt?
  • Practice 2 - Look at the timeline to complete each comparison with a <, >, or =.
  • Practice 3 - Fill in the number line with the fractions listed below.

Math Skill Quizzes

A Number Line Activity and Business Number Lines.

  • Quiz 1 - Paul loves to be active. If 30% of his daily activity consists of walking and he walks 90 minutes per day, how many minutes of exercise does he do in all?
  • Quiz 2 - Tommy, the owner of The Great Slice, makes pizza all day, every day. If 80% of the pizzas he makes is pepperoni and he makes 40 pepperoni pizzas, how many pizzas does he make every day?

How to Display Percentages on Number Lines

Do you remember number lines? Just like different math tools, a number line is a tool that is used for solving questions easily. They can display a series of intervals or wide range of values that are segmented in one way or another. The placement of numbers on a straight line in a series that starts from the smallest number and goes up to the biggest number is known as a number line. The numbers on the number line don't always have to start from zero, the main rule of the number line is that the numbers are always placed in an order.

We are going to show you how to adapt this tool to display a percentage value. Percentages are commonly displayed using a circle or pie chart like you see the blue 25% chart to the right. This makes a great deal of sense because a percentage indicates how much of total amount we have collected. So the pie represents the whole and the line encompassing ¼ or 25% of the pie shows us how much we actually have. We can represent this same percent on a number line. We just have to define the start and the end of the whole value. Much like pie charts number lines can pretty much be any size that works for you. You start by drawing the line and defining the whole value. So, we will compose a starting and end point on this number like you will find below.

2 Dots on Numberline

These points define 100% of the value. Now all we need to do is determine where 25% would lie within that 100% value. If we are doing this by freehand, it is helpful to find the center because half of 100% is 50%. So, we place a dot dead center and label 50% as you see below.

Splitting Numberline

The next step is to use that center reference point to determine where 25% is. We know that have of 50% is 25%, so we try to place a dot between the starting dot and the 50% dot as you will see labelled below. Now that we found the location of intended target, we can just display that dot by itself as you will see in the bottom image.

Quarter and Half Numberline

Quartering Numberline

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