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Single Step Algebra Problems (Division and Multiplication Based)

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Grade 6 Equations and Expressions - 6.EE.B.7

How Is Algebra Used in Daily Life? There are lots of applications of Algebra, but we don't really seem to understand them. Often, we find ourselves thinking, "How am I going to use this in real life?" To this day, you must have thought that studying algebra is useless, and there is no way that we use it, especially in our daily lives. However, that is absolutely incorrect. The truth is, we implement algebra everywhere in our daily lives. Wondering how that happened? Let's take a look! The word "Algebra" comes from the Arabic word "Al Jabr." The word translates to "reunion of broken parts." Now that we know what the word means let's take a look at its applications! We started using Algebra from our childhood! Children, from a very young age, are able to asses the distances from one object to the other. This is used whenever someone plays with them. Let's say that you throw a ball towards them, and they can easily asses how far they have to be away from the ball. Believe it or not, this is algebra! Algebra is used in every profession. Regardless of what subject you opt for as your career, algebra has its way of involving itself in various fields. Physics, chemistry, and even medical fields need algebra from basic calculations. Let's not forget that you use the alarm clock very often. Whenever you have an early class, you set up your alarm for the time that you need to wake up. Unconsciously, you put algebra in use to figure out which time you need to set and how many hours of sleep you can get. These worksheets help students learn how to manage single step word problems that involve either division or multiplication.

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