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This is one of those topics that comes in all varieties. We begin learning this in late elementary school and then turn up the heat as we transition out of middle school. This means that this skill most likely spans the most grade levels out of any topic that we offer. You will notice that we have a specific worksheet section for High School Algebra. This section highlights all of our algebra materials across all grade levels. This topic first shows up around grade 3 and follows students through high school. I am often adding topics to this section. If you can think of anything that I am missing, please let me know and I'll get it up quickly. The topics that you will find below all come with come complete with a healthy offering of worksheets, lessons, homework, and quizzes. We find this to be one of our most used areas.

What is Algebra?

E = MC Squared

There is no denying from the fact that most of the kids fear algebra. Yet despite this fear from students, algebra makes our lives and, especially equation solving easier. Algebra is something can tend to cause a great deal of anxiety for students. When you pace yourself and follow a simple trajectory, you will find that it is not only intuitive it is tremendously helpful in many different situations.

Algebra is essentially about solving for the unknowns or substituting real-life variables and then solving the equations for them. The most difficult portion of algebra is when we are applying this to the real world because there are countless variables that we come across. For most of us, algebra is the set of rules, formulas, and procedures employed to solve equations. But we often forget that real-life problems are being solved through the manipulation of variables and unknown factors.

To define it mathematically, algebra is the branch of mathematics that deals with symbols and the rules used to manipulate these symbols. In basic algebra, those symbols denote quantities without any fixed value, called variables. Algebraic equations are used to define the relationships between these variables in respect to all other factors that affect them.

Beyond giving us the solution to real-life problems, algebra is important for honing the reasoning skill of children. It enables them to state their ideas precisely and help them work in a systematic way. You find that if you have a good deal of success with this topic, most of the other higher level math topics will come easy to you as well.

Tips for Learning Algebra

While there is no skeleton code or hidden cheat code to solve every algebra problem you will come across, there are a number of things that can help you have a great deal more success. Here are some things that help many students achieve a greater level of success more quickly:

Remember PEMDAS - Understanding your order of operations is important. It becomes much more important as you get to the more advanced work. There are many times where you need to process an operation prior to beginning to balance equations that you come across. A quick review of the nature of operations is important. As the “P” indicates, always start with the parenthesis first. We should also remember that when we are working with our operations proceed in a left to right manner.

Get x alone - The goal of solving almost all algebra-based problems is to get the variable by itself. In most cases the variable is named x. We can just reverse engineer the equation. We need to remember that we can perform any operation, as long as we do it to both sides of the equal sign. You should focus on the side that has the variable and ask yourself, “What can I do to get it all by itself?” Just remember that addition and subtraction cancel one another out, as well as multiplication and division.

Remember Negatives - Negative numbers will often present as subtraction within most equations. Many students will often ignore the negative symbol and just solve away. That is not a good habit to get into. I recommend that you take another look at the rules for signed numbers before going full throttle with algebra. There are many times where this will become an issue for you.

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