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Single Step Algebra Problems (Add and Subtract)

What are Algebraic Equations? We all know what an equation is. It is a mathematical statement that tells us that two expressions are equal. For example, the mathematical expression 4+5 is equal to the 7+2, because they both are equal to 9. We can write these equations as: 4 + 5 = 7 + 2 But equations like the one above only include numbers. There are other types of the equation that include variables. These variables are typically presented by an alphabet. For example, 2x+3=7. An equation like 2x+3=7 is known as an algebraic equation. In an algebraic equation, the letter or an alphabet is known as the variable. In this case, 'x' is the variable. The number written with the variable is the coefficient. '3' is the coefficient that is written with the variable 'x'. An algebraic equation has constant numbers too. These numbers are not written with a variable. In our example equation, 3 and 7 are called as the constants. Let's review the basic rules that define algebraic equation: - an algebraic equation must have one or more than one variable - variables that must be multiplied with a non-zero coefficient - the equation must have an equal sign written that equates two expressions. Our example equation 2x + 3 = 7 has a variable; a non-zero coefficient is written with our variable, and it has an equal to sign. Hence, this equation is an algebraic equation. These worksheets help students learn how to manage single step word problems that involve either addition or subtraction.

Aligned Standard: 6.EE.B.7

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