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Conditional Statement Worksheets

These are logic statements are most often presented in the form of (if, then) sentences. They tell us that if we are sure that something is true, this is how we should respond. It is good decision making at its core. While many people play checkers or chess, if they knew the best possible moves under all circumstances, it would be very tough to lose. In this section of our site, we introduce you to this form of math language at a slower pace to help you adjust your level of thinking to it. This section is very layered, and you will have the opportunity to advance with this skill quickly in this section as well. Students will learn how to write and interpret the terms presented in a conditional expression with these lessons and worksheets.

Aligned Standard: 6.EE.B.7

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Homework Sheets

Each successive problem steps up the level of difficulty.

Practice Worksheets

Each sheet is broken into either Add/Subtract or Multiply Divide skills.

  • Practice 3 - This will give you an idea where you stand with these types of expressions.
  • Practice 4 - The values increase ever so slightly.
  • Practice 5 - The focus here is on tables that include multiplication and division.
  • Practice 6 - We return back to sums and differences.

Math Skill Quizzes

We tried to cover every angle that this material comes from here.

  • Quiz 1 - These are conditional that are written to make you think.
  • Quiz 2 - Where will you run with this.
  • Quiz 3 - y x 6 = z The problem: Find y when z = 18.

What Are Conditional Statements?

Female Umbrella under Rain

A conditional statement is a simple (if, then) logic statement. We use these statements in our lives daily to make decisions based on either what we observe or know to true from other sources. An example would be the statement, "If it is raining outside, I will bring my umbrella." You could look outside to see if it is raining or could have caught a weather report to verify that it was in fact raining. The main takeaway from conditionals is that they are cause and effect.

A conditional statement or a conditional expression is often symbolized by variables, mostly p and q. The variable (p) is often used for indicating the hypothesis and the variable (q) is used for the conclusion. There is also a logical connector with the conditional statement. The logical connector is indicated by the arrow sign. The condition is considered to be true unless a true hypothesis leads to a false conclusion.

There is a table that can help understand conditional statements and their expected outcomes:

P  Q  P->Q
T  T  T
T  F  F
F  T  T
F  F  T

The above table is called the truth table. It can be seen that p-> is only false in cases where the value of P is true and Q is false. In all other cases, it is true. It is important to note that conditional is a compound statement.

We often hear the computer programming and computer science involve a great deal of math. Conditional statements provide the foundation from which all computer programming languages are built from. Just like these declarations allow people to make decisions, they all computer programs to automatically make decisions based on the rules that were set forth within it. Think of something simple like pushing left on a controller for a video game, a program is running to monitor the joystick. The program receives the feedback that you have pushed left on the controller (if) and then moves your character to the left on the screen. The video game industry worldwide is a market valued at over 150 billion dollars annually. It is hard to comprehend that none of that would be possible without these simple math sentences and interpreting them properly.

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