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Printable High School Algebra Math Posters

Froggy Equations Preview

Our algebra posters are gentle reminders of how to approach problems. Some are fully solved and others just outline the process. Remember to cover or take down the posters during tests and quizzes. That can become a problem, if you forget to take them out of students view.

Structure in Expressions

Interpret the Context of Expressions- HSA-SSE.A.1a

Breaking Down an Expression Finding Number of Terms and Degree

Complicated Expressions- HSA-SSE.A.1b

Make It Simple Parenthesis and Like Terms

Rewriting Expressions - HSA-SSE.A.2

Rewrite, Simplify, and Evaluate Large Expressions
Seeing the Structure Expressions in Word Problems

Solving Quadratic Equations- HSA-SSE.B.3a

Factoring To Solve It Common Factors

Completing the Square in a Quadratic Expression- HSA-SSE.B.3b

What's a Quadratic Expression? Filling Blanks

Properties of Exponents- HSA-SSE.A.3c

Properties Chart Examples of Properties

Writing Expression for Geometric Sequences- HSA-SSE.B.4

Working To Sequences Common Ratios

Polynomials & Rational Expressions

Polynomial Addition and Subtraction- HSA-APR.A.1

Polynomial Operations Spelled Out

Polynomial Multiplication- HSA-APR.A.1

Polynomial Products Products of Binomials and Trinomials

Adding, Multiplying, and Subtracting Monomials- Related to: HSA-APR.A.1

Stays the Same Newton's Thoughts

Applying the Remainder Theorem - HSA-APR.B.2

Action Going Through It

Identifying Zeros of Binomials- HSA-APR.B.3

The Statement Double Trouble

Proving Polynomial Identities - HSA-APR.C.4

It's All About Thinking Repeated Examples

Binomial Theorem for Expansion- HSA-APR.C.5

Simple Expansion Like A Cowboy...

Rewriting Rational Expressions- HSA-APR.D.6

Denominators Can't Be Zero Common Integer Factors

Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions - HSA-APR.D.7

Spider Webs Same Tops and Bottoms

Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions- HSA-APR.D.7

Work Through It Second Expressions

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Creating Equations

Creating Equations and Inequalities- HSA-CED.A.1

Word Problems Bigger Problems

Creating Equations with Two or More Variables- HSA-CED.A.2

Analyzing a Table Big Questions, Little Answers

Graphing Equations-HSA-CED.A.2

Two Variables Find the Intercepts

Word Problems That Require Equations or Inequalities- HSA-CED.A.3

Renting a Building Allocating Variables

Rearranging and Understanding Formulas - HSA-CED.A.4

Move It Around Four Steps to Glory

Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities

Explaining How to Solve Equations- HSA-REI.A.1

What's An Equation? Step By Step

Solve Rational and Radical Equations- HSA-REI.A.2

Meeting Radical Equations 3-Steps Does It

Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable - HSA-REI.B.3

Single Powers The Process

Quadratic Equations: Completing the Square- HSA-REI.B.4a

The Anatomy of a Quadratic Fly By

Quadratics: Using Square Roots and Zero Property- HSA-REI.B.4b

Quick Charts Easy Steps

Solving Quadratic Equations By Factoring- HSA-REI.B.4b

What You Need Finding the Roots

Using the Quadratic Formula - HSA-REI.B.4b

Putting Values To Use Use the Formula

Finding and Using the Discriminant- SA-REI.B.4b

Which Is Greater? Nature of Roots

Solving Systems of Equations- HSA-REI.C.5

Elimination and Substitution Three Steps to Solving Systems

Solving Systems Word Problems- HSA-REI.C.5

Mike and Hussey Process Chart

Binary Operation Tables - HSA-REI.C.5

Is It Commutative? The Diagonal

Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing- HSA-REI.C.6

Collective Equations Outline of Steps

Solving Simultaneous Equations (Linear and Quadratics)- HSA-REI.C.7

Collection of Equations Two Methods

Linear Equations as a Matrix Equation- HSA-REI.C.8

Augmented Matrices Baby Steps

Finding the Inverse of a Matrix- HSA-REI.C.9

Matrix Hive Flip It Good

Using Graphs of Equations- HSA-REI.D.10

What's the Distance? Woolly Distances

Finding Points of Intersection for Complex Equations- HSA-REI.D.11

Fully Worked Out Make Them Equal Chart

Advanced Absolute Value Operations - HSA-REI.D.11

Mixed Operations Bracket It!

Graphing Linear Inequalities as a Half-Plane- HSA-REI.D.12

What's the Plot? Solve By Graphing