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High School Algebra Math Posters

Our algebra posters are gentle reminders for students to help them learn how to best approach problems. Some of the problems that are presented are fully solved and others just outline the process. Remember to cover or take down the posters during tests and quizzes. That can become a problem if you forget to take them out of students view. Countless teachers have told us how invaluable these posters are for their rooms. Each of the posters are arranged by the curriculum standard that were designed to address for your students.

Structure in Expressions

Interpret the Context of Expressions- HSA-SSE.A.1a
Complicated Expressions- HSA-SSE.A.1b
  • Make It Simple - Placing Parentheses in proper position based on the given description.
Rewriting Expressions - HSA-SSE.A.2
Solving Quadratic Equations- HSA-SSE.B.3a
  • Factoring To Solve It - A quadratic equation is one which is of the form ax^2 +bx+c where x is a variable and a, b and c are constants where a cannot be equal to 0
  • Common Factors - We will solve the quadratic equations having common factors by first Detecting the common factor and then using zero product property.
Completing the Square in a Quadratic Expression- HSA-SSE.B.3b
Properties of Exponents- HSA-SSE.A.3c
  • Properties Chart - Exponent is used to describe the power of a number or an expression I.E. For How many times the number or expression has been multiplied.
Writing Expression for Geometric Sequences- HSA-SSE.B.4
  • Working To Sequences - A Geometric Sequence is a sequence in which every term after first term is found by multiplying the following term by a fixed number (i.e. common ratio).

Polynomials & Rational Expressions

Polynomial Addition and Subtraction- HSA-APR.A.1
  • Polynomial Operations - A Polynomial is an expression which contains more than multiple algebraic terms i.e. the expression is the sum of several algebraic terms with different powers of the variable(s).
Polynomial Multiplication- HSA-APR.A.1
Adding, Multiplying, and Subtracting Monomials- Related to: HSA-APR.A.1
  • Stays the Same - A Monomial is an algebraic expression which contains only one term. Each term may be the product of constants and variables with non-negative exponents.
Applying the Remainder Theorem - HSA-APR.B.2
  • Action - The Remainder Theorem is a theorem in algebra which states that if f(x) is a polynomial in x and f(x) is divided by x-c then the remainder is f(c).
  • Going Through It - The point, at which the value of function (i.e. remainder) is found, is obtained by putting the divisor equal to 0.
Identifying Zeros of Binomials- HSA-APR.B.3
  • Double Trouble - To identify zeros, first step is to put the product of binomials equal to zero.
Proving Polynomial Identities - HSA-APR.C.4
  • It's All About Thinking - A Polynomial is an algebraic expression containing variables and constants. It contains multiple terms.
Binomial Theorem for Expansion- HSA-APR.C.5
  • Simple Expansion - Binomial Theorem for Expansion is used to expand the powers of a binomial expression.
Rewriting Rational Expressions- HSA-APR.D.6
Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions - HSA-APR.D.7
  • Spider Webs - A Rational Expression is the ratio of two polynomials such that the denominator is never zero.

  • Same Tops and Bottoms - Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions- HSA-APR.D.7

Creating Equations

Creating Equations and Inequalities- HSA-CED.A.1
Creating Equations with Two or More Variables- HSA-CED.A.2
Graphing Equations-HSA-CED.A.2
  • Two Variables - Graphing equations having two variables.

  • Find the Intercepts - We can easily plot the given equation by finding its intercepts i.e. X-intercept and y-intercept.
Word Problems That Require Equations or Inequalities- HSA-CED.A.3
  • Renting a Building - Word Problems that Require Equations or Inequalities.

  • Allocating Variables - The first step is allocating variables to the quantities. In this case, allocating "x" to number of months and "y" to the amount in dollars.
Rearranging and Understanding Formulas - HSA-CED.A.4
  • Move It Around - Rearranging a formula is a skill of writing it in some other way.

  • Four Steps to Glory - First Step: Eliminating the rational expressions by converting the rational expressions on both sides to nonrational expressions.

Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities

Explaining How to Solve Equations- HSA-REI.A.1
Solve Rational and Radical Equations- HSA-REI.A.2
Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable - HSA-REI.B.3
  • Single Powers - Green is a go!

  • The Process - We have to follow following steps in case of any linear equation or linear inequalities in one variable.
Quadratic Equations: Completing the Square- HSA-REI.B.4a
  • The Anatomy of a Quadratic - Complete the square and fill in the number that makes the polynomial a perfect-squared quadratic.

  • Fly By - Firstly, we will divide the whole equation by 3 so that the coefficient of the term equals 1.
Quadratics: Using Square Roots and Zero Property- HSA-REI.B.4b
Solving Quadratic Equations By Factoring- HSA-REI.B.4b
  • What You Need - The given quadratic equation can be factorized only when the product of the pair of numbers are equal to the constant.

  • Finding the Roots - Suppose a and b are roots of the given quadratic equation.
Using the Quadratic Formula - HSA-REI.B.4b
Finding and Using the Discriminant- SA-REI.B.4b
  • Which Is Greater? - Discriminant is the function of the coefficients of a polynomial equation whose value gives information about the roots of the polynomial.

  • Nature of Roots - Finding the nature of the roots of the quadratic equation.
Solving Systems of Equations- HSA-REI.C.5
Solving Systems Word Problems- HSA-REI.C.5
  • Mike and Hussey - Hussey bought 5 shirts and 8 pair of jeans for a total of $81 last month while Mike bought 9 shirts and 8 pair of jeans for a total of $101 at the same price per shirt and pair of jeans. What is the price of one shirt and one pair of jeans?

  • Process Chart - The following steps must be followed in order to solve a system of equations using word problems.
Binary Operation Tables - HSA-REI.C.5
  • Is It Commutative? - Binary operation is a mathematical operation in which two operands (i.e. elements of the set) combine to produce another element which also belongs to the set.

  • The Diagonal - To see whether the given table is commutative or not, we see the elements in the diagonal of the table.
Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing- HSA-REI.C.6
Solving Simultaneous Equations (Linear and Quadratics)- HSA-REI.C.7
  • Collection of Equations - Solve them using both methods.

  • Two Methods - There are two methods of solving simultaneous equations (linear and quadratics) which are Substitution and Elimination.
Linear Equations as a Matrix Equation- HSA-REI.C.8
  • Augmented Matrices - A Matrix Equation is an equation in which an entire matrix is a variable.

  • Baby Steps - The following steps must be followed while solving a system of equations using augmented matrix.
Finding the Inverse of a Matrix- HSA-REI.C.9
  • Matrix Hive - Non-square matrix does not have an inverse.

  • Flip It Good - The following steps must be followed to find the inverse of a matrix.
Using Graphs of Equations- HSA-REI.D.10
  • What's the Distance? - Graphing an equation is plotting the equation on a Cartesian plane. A Cartesian plane has a horizontal line (i.e. x-axis) and a vertical line (i.e. y-axis).

  • Woolly Distances - Finding time required to cover a distance of 20 meters from the graph.
Finding Points of Intersection for Complex Equations- HSA-REI.D.11
  • Fully Worked Out - We will make them equal to each other because the point at which both functions will intersect, their value is same at that point.

  • Make Them Equal Chart - Find out where they meet at the crossroads.
Advanced Absolute Value Operations - HSA-REI.D.11
  • Mixed Operations - Absolute value is the magnitude of a real number without any regard to its sign.

  • Bracket It! - Adding or subtracting numbers within the brackets.
Graphing Linear Inequalities as a Half-Plane- HSA-REI.D.12
  • What's the Plot? - a linear inequality is an inequality which involves a linear function and contains one of the symbols of inequality.

  • Solve By Graphing - Connecting these two points by drawing a straight line.
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