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Printable Math Posters For Grade 6

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Just print these great reminders out for students. Many teachers find that posting the topic or topics of the week have helped their students improve quickly. We cover all the areas that are part of the Common Core Standard. We have a number of high-quality print outs available for you below. Make sure to print them at three-hundred or more dots per inch, if possible. We recommend you laminate all the posters so you can use them for a much longer time. It is helpful to post the topics as you cover them in class.

Ratios & Proportions

The Concept of Ratios - 6.RP.A.1

  • Ratios Compare Things - The ratio of apples to oranges is 5:4 The ratio of cardinals to blue jays is 6:3
  • Ratios In Words - Always put them in the same order as the question!

  • Unit Rates and Ratios : The Relationship - 6.RP.A.2

  • Soda Prices - 5 large sodas cost $10.00 The ratio is 5:10.
  • Oars to Canoes - Remember: Ratios keep the same proportion.

  • Ratio and Rates Word Problems - 6.RP.A.3

  • Ratio Tables - Look at the ratios in the table. 3:6, 4:8, 5:10, 7:14. They all multiply the first number by 2 to get the second.
  • Finding Equal Ratios - To find out, you can reduce, just like you do with fractions.

  • Tape Diagrams / Bar Models - 6.RP.A.3

  • Tape Diagrams - Tape diagrams help you to model a problem. The parts of the tape represent the numbers.
  • Ice Cream Cones - Use a tape diagram to model the problem.

  • Unit Rates with Speed and Price Word Problems - 6.RP.A.3b

  • Kenny Drives Too Fast! - Kenny can drive his race car 200 miles in 2 hours. How long will it take him to go 800 miles?
  • Tori's Bracelets - Tori makes bracelets to sell at the market. She earns $12.00 for every 4 bracelets she sells.

  • Percentage as a Rate per Hundred - 6.RP.A.3c

  • Pie Slice - A percent is a part of a hundred.
  • Back to School Word Problem - The shoe store had a back-to-school sale, with 20% off shoes.

  • Find Percentages of Numbers - 6.RP.A.3c

  • Is Over Of - Use rates to find the whole number when given the percent.
  • Friendly Dogs - 80 % of the dogs in the neighborhood are friendly.

  • Ratios and Units of Measurement - 6.RP.A.3d

  • U.S. to Metric Conversions - Use these ratios to convert measurements.
  • Miles to Kilometers - Mrs. Riley rode her bike for 3 miles. How many kilometers is that?

  • The Number System

    Interpret and Compute Quotients of Fractions - 6.NS.A.1

  • Do the Flip! - That means you flip the second fraction upside down, and multiply by the new fraction.
  • Reciprocals - Divide a fraction by a fraction.

  • Fractions of Integers - 6.NS.A.1

  • Tapes to Visualize - Usually, when you divide, you get a lower number than what you started with.
  • Candy for Halloween - Remember to multiply by the reciprocal, and expect the answer to be higher than the number you started with.

  • Long Division of Large Numbers - 6.NS.B.2

  • Tips for Long Division - Remember to put the number of the answer above the correct digit in the number you’re dividing into.
  • Steps for Long Division - Take one step at a time! There are 4 basic steps to repeat until the problem is solved.

  • Basic Math Operations with Decimals - 6.NS.B.3

  • Add and Subtract with Decimals - To add and subtract with decimals, make sure you’ve got all your "ducks in a row".
  • Multiply and Divide with Decimals - Count the total number of decimal places, and move the decimal that many spaces to the left in your answer.

  • Addition of Decimals - 6.NS.B.3

  • Decimals as Fractions - A decimal is another way to show a fraction, or part of a whole number.
  • Decimal Sums - Line them up and add them up!

  • Adding and Subtracting Decimals and Fractions - 6.NS.B.3

  • Don't Forget Zeroes - When adding decimals, don't forget your old friend, zero!
  • Subtracting Decimals - Line up your decimal points.
  • Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple - 6.NS.B.4

  • Greatest Common Factor - Factors are the numbers you can multiply together to get a certain number.
  • Least Common Multiple - A multiple is what you get when you multiply a number by another.

  • Factors of an Integer - 6.NS.B.4

  • Factors of a Number - Factors are the numbers you multiply to get a number.
  • Factors and the Distributive Property - The distributive property says that: a (b + c)= ab + ac

  • Prime Factorization and Factor Trees - 6.NS.B.4

  • Prime Factorization - Prime factors are all the factors of a number that are prime.
  • Factor Trees - Factor trees help you to find the prime factors of a number. Keep factoring until you reach the prime factors.

  • Understanding Positive and Negative Numbers - 6.NS.C.5

  • Positive and Negative Numbers - Positive Polly is always UP!! Negative Nellie is always DOWN!
  • Positive and Negative Temperatures - Thermometer A: 15 degrees above zero-- positive 15, or +15.

  • Understand A Rational Number As A Point - 6.NS.C.6a

  • On the Number Lines - All positive and negative numbers can be shown as points on a number line.
  • Zero is its own Opposite! - There is no such thing as positive zero and negative zero, so zero is its own opposite!

  • Understand Signs of Numbers in Ordered Pairs - 6.NS.C.6b

  • Ordered Pairs - Ordered pairs tell you where to plot a point on a coordinate plane.
  • Ordered Pair Reflections - This happens when you have an ordered pair like (-2,9) and (2, 9).

Coordinate Graphing and Position - 6.NS.C.6c