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Printable Math Posters For Grade 6

Fishy Fractions Preview

Just print these great reminders out for students. Many teachers find that posting the topic or topics of the week have helped their students improve quickly. We cover all the areas that are part of the Common Core Standard. We also added 7 new topics that are related to specific standards.

Ratios & Proportions

The Concept of Ratios - 6.RP.A.1

Ratios Compare Things Ratios In Words

Unit Rates and Ratios : The Relationship - 6.RP.A.2

Soda Prices Oars to Canoes

Ratio and Rates Word Problems - 6.RP.A.3

Ratio Tables Finding Equal Ratios

Tape Diagrams / Bar Models - 6.RP.A.3

Tape Diagrams Ice Cream Cones

Unit Rates with Speed and Price Word Problems - 6.RP.A.3b

Kenny Drives Too Fast! Tori's Bracelets

Percentage as a Rate per Hundred - 6.RP.A.3c

Pie Slice Back to School Word Problem

Find Percentages of Numbers - 6.RP.A.3c

Is Over Of Friendly Dogs

Ratios and Units of Measurement - 6.RP.A.3d

U.S. to Metric Conversions Miles to Kilometers

The Number System

Interpret and Compute Quotients of Fractions - 6.NS.A.1

Do the Flip! Reciprocals

Fractions of Integers - 6.NS.A.1

Tapes to Visualize Candy for Halloween

Long Division of Large Numbers - 6.NS.B.2

Tips for Long Division Steps for Long Division

Basic Math Operations with Decimals - 6.NS.B.3

Add and Subtract with Decimals Multiply and Divide with Decimals

Addition of Decimals - 6.NS.B.3

Decimals as Fractions Decimal Sums

Adding and Subtracting Decimals and Fractions - 6.NS.B.3

Don't Forget Zeroes Subtracting Decimals

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Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple - 6.NS.B.4

Greatest Common Factor Least Common Multiple

Factors of an Integer - 6.NS.B.4

Factors of a Number Factors and the Distributive Property

Prime Factorization and Factor Trees - 6.NS.B.4

Prime Factorization Factor Trees

Understanding Positive and Negative Numbers - 6.NS.C.5

Positive and Negative Numbers Positive and Negative Temperatures

Understand A Rational Number As A Point - 6.NS.C.6a

On the Number Lines Zero is its own Opposite!

Understand Signs of Numbers in Ordered Pairs - 6.NS.C.6b

Ordered Pairs Ordered Pair Reflections

Coordinate Graphing and Position - 6.NS.C.6c

Numbers on a Number Line Pairs of Numbers in a Coordinate Plane

Inequalities and Numbers Lines - 6.NS.C.7a

Inequalities on a Number Line Negative Numbers on a Number Line

Ordering For Rational Numbers - 6.NS.C.7b

Ordering of Positive and Negative Numbers Thermometers

Working with Absolute Value - 6.NS.C.7c

On a Number Line The Absolute Value Symbol

Absolute Value in Word Problems - 6.NS.C.7d

What's a Negative Balance How Much Does Nathan Owe?

Using Graphs To Solve Real World Problems - 6.NS.C.8

4 Quadrants of a Coordinate Plane Real-World Problems using a Coordinate Plane

Expressions and Equations

Evaluating Numerical Expressions with Exponents - 6.EE.A.1

Exponents Numerical Expressions with Exponents

Making Words With Calculator Fun - 6.EE.A.1

PEMDAS Evaluate Expressions

Evaluating Written Expressions - 6.EE.A.2a

Writing Expressions Using Variables in Word Problems

Using Tables and Data Charts With Expressions - 6.EE.A.2a

Multiplication in Algebraic Expressions Using Parentheses

Expressions That Use Math Terms - 6.EE.A.2b

Parts of an Expression Reading Expressions

Geometric Expressions - Related to 6.EE.A.2c

Area of a Square Area of a Cube

Generating Equivalent Expressions - 6.EE.A.3

Making Equivalent Expressions Equivalent Expressions Tips

Identifying Equivalent Expressions - 6.EE.A.3

Like Twins Factor It Out

Solve One-Variable Equations and Inequalities - 6.EE.A.4

Vote For It! Combining Like Terms

Combine and Expand Terms - 6.EE.A.4

Mix Them Together Simplify by Expanding Terms

Solving Equations and Inequalities - 6.EE.B.5

Solving Equations Solving Inequalities

Using Variables to Represent Numbers - 6.EE.B.6

Sums and Differences Products and Quotients

Solve Real-world Mathematical Problems With Expressions - 6.EE.B.7

Real World Problems with Expressions Steps for Solving Expressions

Single Step Algebra Equation Solving - 6.EE.B.7

Algebra Equation Solving Solving Algebra Equations

Conditional Expressions - 6.EE.B.7

Conditional Expressions The Conditional Steps

Inequality Constraint or Condition Word Problems - 6.EE.B.8

Using Inequalities in Real World Problems Graphing Inequalities

Using Variables to Represent Two Quantities - 6.EE.C.9

Dependent and Independent Variables Which is Independent?


Finding the Area of Odd Shapes - 6.G.A.1

Find the Area of a Right Triangle Area of an Equilateral Triangle

Find The Volume Of A Right Rectangular Prism - 6.G.A.2

Volume of a Right Rectangular Prism The Area of a Rectangular Prisms

Polygons in the Coordinate Plane - 6.G.A.3

Draw Polygons on the Coordinate Plane Which Axis?

Using Nets to Understand 3-D Figures - 6.G.A.4

One, Two, and Three Dimensional Figures Terms for Three Dimensional Solids

Finding the Area of Composite Shapes - 6.G.A.4

What is a Prism? Using Nets to Understand 3D Figures

Statistics & Probability

Statistical Variability in Data- - 6.SP.A.1

Asking Statistical Questions Design a Statistical Question

Mean, Median, and Range From Data Displays - 6.SP.A.2

Measures of Center The Mean or Spread of Data

Sizing Up Data- Related to 6.SP.A.2

Range and Shape Shape of Distribution of Data

The Measure of Center of Data Sets - 6.SP.A.3

Summarize Data Sets How the Data is Spread

Summarizing and Interpreting Data Sets - 6.SP.A.3

Dot Plots Histograms

Understanding Data Displays - 6.SP.B.4

Quartiles Box Plot

Summarizing Numerical Data Sets - 6.SP.B.5a & b

Number of Observations Histograms

The Attributes of Data and Units of Measure - 6.SP.B.5b

Attributes of Line Plots Attributes of Histograms

Measures of Mean, Median, Mode, and Range - 6.SP.B.5c

Mean, Median, and Mode Absolute Mean Deviation

Interquartile Range - 6.SP.B.5c

Interquartile Range MAD Dot Plots

Mean Absolute Deviation - 6.SP.B.5c

Center of Data Measure Mean vs. MAD

Frequency and Data Distribution - 6.SP.B.5d

Patterns in Dot Plots Patterns in Histograms