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Interpret and Compute Quotients of Fractions Worksheets

If we remember back a fraction is a way of express a part of a whole. For example if you went and bought a box donuts that held 12 doughnuts and ate 2 doughnuts you would be left will 10 of the 12 doughnuts. We would express this as 10/12. There are times where you will need to quantify a portion of a fraction or what can be considered a fraction of a fraction. Say for instance that your buddy John came in and took a big bite out of one of those 10 remaining doughnuts and you needed to communicate the amount that John ate. In this section of lessons and worksheets we will show you how to perform finding portions of fractions through the use of fraction division. It is a unique skill that really just requires a small adjustment each time.

Aligned Standard: Grade 6 Numbers - 6.NS.A.1

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Homework Sheets

By popular request everything here is in word problem format.

  • Homework 1 - Rex throws a party at his house. He invited 200 guests. He ordered 10 pizzas. If 2/4 of a pizza equals a serving size, how many servings of pizza did Rex order?
  • Homework 2 - Lea bought a packet of toffees for his friend. The packet of toffees is 2/6 of a pound. He put the toffees into 7 equal amounts in a basket. What is the weight of one of those baskets?
  • Homework 3 - Ted went to the market. There he saw some very hot peppers. He kept 2/4 of a pound of the peppers in the fridge that are shared by 30 people. If each person gets an equal amount of the peppers, how much will each person get?

Practice Worksheets

I took away some meet here and made them sentence(s) based word problems.

  • Practice 1 - 3/4 of the tables were removed from the cafeteria today. 40 students need to sit in the remaining tables. How much of the original table seating does each student have available to them now?
  • Practice 2 - A paper airplane covers 1/12 of a mile in 3 minutes. How many miles can the airplane cover in a minute?
  • Practice 3 - Matt uses a 1/4 of a pound of tea every day. For how many days will 2/4 of a pound of tea last Matt?

Math Skill Quizzes

The first one requires no understanding of syntax, but the last two require you to comprehend the skill.

  • Quiz 1 - What is 3/5 of 6/5?
  • Quiz 2 - How many times does 8/3 go into 1/9?
  • Quiz 3 - How many times does 9/12 go into 40?

How to Find a Fraction of a Fraction

Understanding fractions is essential in mathematics. Fraction multiplication is a sub-category of fractions, which is an essential concept in calculating percentages. This is something you will do in the real world very often if you want to track growth or decline. A percentage is an indication of how much of a whole that something possesses. Generally, when studying percentages, you multiply a fraction by a whole number. It is the most basic form of fraction multiplication.

Example: Find 25% of 100.

25/100 x 100/1 = 25

"of" in math problems is a keyword that represents fractional multiplication.

Example: What is one-quarter of 100?

We know one-quarter is. One-quarter of 100 means that we must divide 100 into four parts and identify one part of it. The same is the case when we have to find a fraction of a fraction. You must multiply two fractions, and the new fraction that you get is the final answer.

Step 1: Replace Off with Multiplication Sign - 1/4 x 100

Step 2: Multiply - 100/4 = 25

Finding a fraction of a whole number is simple. Kids might find calculating a fraction of a fraction tough and challenging, but it really isn’t. All they have to do is follow the simple steps of the process of finding a fraction of a whole number.

Example: Let’s say that you wanted to find a quarter of 2/3.

Step 1: Convert of into Multiplication Sign - If we remember back, we can represent one quarter as: 1/4.
We would then multiply that value by our fraction as: 1/4 x 2/3.

Step 2: Multiplication - Multiply both numerators and denominators.

(1 x 2) / (4 x 3) = 2/12

Step 3: Simplification - If possible, simplify the final fraction to get the resulting fraction. 2/12 = 1/6.

This technique is great for determining savings when you have super sales at department store. You may come across a sale that is 30% of and the entire store is half off. Using this technique that we showed you, you can easily master this and determine your final cost with ease.

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