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High School Geometry Worksheets

What is geometry used for in the real world? One of the very important aspects of mathematics, Geometry is derived from the Greek words which mean Earth’s measurements. Why? Because on the whole, it is concerned with the properties of space and figures. So geometry consists of a lot of lines and shapes, and it helps to find the lengths, volumes, and areas of various shapes. So how is geometry used in the real world? Let’s take a look. Technology - Geometry comes in handy in various applied fields such as robotics, computers, and video games. Architecture - One of the best examples in the architectural field is the staircases that are built in our homes. They are built on 90 degrees angles. Just like that, geometry is used in the engineering of various buildings with different structures and heights. Astronomy - One of the major uses of geometry is in mapping the positions of stars and planets and the movements of various celestial bodies. Art - Geometry is quite useful when it comes to art. Using lines and angles to perfect figures, symmetry, and much more requires the use of geometry. Geographic Information Systems - Geometry is also a very useful tool when it comes to calculating the positions of GPS, which is measured through latitudes and longitudes. When people ask me my thoughts of geometry I always say, "It's the most useful math in the world!" If you use this type of math on a daily basis, as a grown-up, you must have a very accomplished career. Geometry under most curriculums is a nice mix of relevant real-world applications with a sprinkle of algebra and elementary trigonometry. Don't forget Geometry Math Posters make great visuals for your classroom. The topics below are filled with geometry worksheets and lessons that are will help prepare your students.