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Conjunctions Using Logic Tables Worksheets

What Are Conjunctions in Logic Tables? Conjunctions are a part of logic or truth tables. Conjunction is also a compound statement, just like the other statements that are part of the logic tables. Conjunctions are represented using the word 'and.' Consider the example of the following two statements: p = It is raining outside, q = The football game is cancelled. The conjunction of the above two statements will be formed as 'It is raining outside, and the football game is cancelled.' Now, this statement will only be true if both p and q are true, which means that if it is raining outside and the football game is cancelled. If either of the statements p or q turns out to be false, then the conjunction is false. Conjunctions can be understood by the following examples; 1. The USA has 52 states. 2. The American flag has a green color in it. 3. 7 + 3 = 11. The conjunctions are: The USA has 52 states, and the American flag has red color in it --> True. The American flag has green color in it, and 7 + 3 = 11 --> False. The USA has 52 states, and 7 + 3 = 11 --> True. This selection of worksheets shows students how to understand compound math sentences that join two simple sentences.

Aligned Standard: HSG-MG.A.3

  • Conjunction Tables Step-by-Step Lesson- You start to manage a more complex thought process here.
  • Guided Lesson - Some really good practice on using these skills in various situations.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - Since every explanation is some what drastically related I gave a mouthful at the top and a dab here and there at the bottom.
  • Practice Worksheet - I fleshed out the parameters of the tables here for you, but you can expand one or two, if you would like.
  • Matching Worksheet - The focus of this is to be used as summary or review of the concepts. Many people email me and say that this only took 5 minutes, that is the point.
  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

Homework Sheets

This logic set confuses must students at the start. They need plenty of practice.

  • Homework 1 - The original statement is true, so the negation of this value will be false. If bears growl, then koalas baa?
  • Homework 2 - If Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, then Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
  • Homework 3 - 7 is an even number if and only if each angle in an isosceles triangle is not 90°.

Practice Worksheets

These are well spaced to give you plenty of room.

  • Practice 1 - Determine the overall truth value of each statement below.
  • Practice 2 - If mango is fruit, then 8 is odd number.
  • Practice 3 - 5 is an odd number if and only if Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Math Skill Quizzes

The last couple of questions get a bit complex.

  • Quiz 1 - The original statement is true, so the negation of this value will be false. If a cat is an animal, then parrots are bird?
  • Quiz 2 - 10 is an even number if and only if two angles in an equilateral triangle are equal.
  • Quiz 3 - What is the truth value of the sentence?
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