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Using Density in Real-life Situations

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Modeling Geometry - HSG-MG.A.2

What Can Density Tell Us About an Object? Don't you think that pillow fights are fun? Did you know that pillows are filled with soft, fluffy stuffing like feathers? It feels heavy but they don't hurt much when you swing it at your friends. So what makes them ideal for friendly fights? The concept is known as "Density." So what is density? Let's look at it! Density is a word that describes how much space an object or substance takes up- the volume in relation to the amount of matter in that object- the mass. In other words, the amount of mass per unit volume is known as density. If an object is heavy and compact, it is known to have high density. But if an object is light and takes more space, it has low density.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

I tried to make these super fun. See if I hit my mark.

  • Homework 1 - A big stadium has 1.5 million square feet of room. Last year a group surveyed the stadium to make sure there wasn't overcrowding.
  • Homework 2 - They found the population density to be 0.017 people per square foot. This included all people in the building. How many total people attended the stadium on that day?
  • Homework 3 - Dolly wants to buy a light weight mobile phone to give to her friend. She has two options for mobile phones, but she doesn't know that which one is lighter.

Practice Worksheets

Who doesn't want a light weight mobile phone. I'm still rocking a flip phone. Yes, they still make them!

  • Practice 1 - Katy writes down the density of her bag, but she didn't write the mass of her bag. The dimensions of her bag are height 30 cm, length 20 cm, width 40 cm and density of bag is 0.0020 kg/cm3.
  • Practice 2 - Her friend wants a very light mobile phone. Which mobile phone is lighter?
  • Practice 3 - Mass Requirement of first mobile: Mass = Volume x Density

Math Skill Quizzes

I tried to make sure that I used metric units here, but I did slip on a few problems.

  • Quiz 1 - Karl is a ring maker. He received an order to make attractive and light weight gold rings. He has two options.
  • Quiz 2 - Roni is Paul's younger brother. His mother told him to buy a light weight lunch box from the store.
  • Quiz 3 - A room is 2,500 square feet. The population density of the room is 0.0040 people per square foot. This included all people in the room. How many total people can occupy this room?