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Conditionals Using Logic Tables

Core Standard: HSG-MG.A.3

Aligned To Common Core Standard:

High School Geometry- HSG-MG.A.3

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

  • Statement to Table Step-by-Step Lesson- We give you a basic statement and ask you to create an entire truth table from it.

  • Guided Lesson - You have a whole bunch of truth tables to write with a baseball player watching.

  • Guided Lesson Explanation - When you see the actual tables in front of you, this starts to make a lot of sense.

  • Practice Worksheet - You are definitely going to need paper for this one. I was going to provide a blank template, but teachers told me that they wouldn't use it.

  • Matching Worksheet - Find the truth table and statement that goes together.

AnswersAnswer Keys

View Answer Keys- All the answer keys in one file.

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Homework Sheets

Help students identify the implications of each symbol used in the tables.

Practice Worksheets

The next standard begins to making these into word problems.

Math Skill Quizzes

Many students find the second quiz to be the most difficult. It wasn't intended that way.