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Negation and Conjunction In Logic Statements

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High School Geometry - HSG-MG.A.3

What are Negation and Conjunction in Logic Statements? If you wish to analyze the validity of statements known as propositions, you can use the truth table. The truth table utilizes different operators such as "OR" or "AND" and to combine them. In other words, for any statement, the answer would be either completely true or false. Now, there are two operators which we will discuss today. The first is negation, which means "not" of something. In easier terms, it means that whatever answer you get, negation will give it negative. For instance, if there is a proposition, "I ate an apple," the negation will make it, "I did not eat an apple." The second is conjunction means "And" in easier terms. For instance, if you have an example that "Bring me a pen and paper." Now in this statement, you need to bring both pen and paper to do the job. If we look at it objectively, you cannot write anything with just a pen and you can't do anything with paper. These worksheets will teach students how to evaluate a logic statement that includes a conjunction or negation.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

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  • Homework 1 - Negations always have the exact opposite truth value of the original statement.
  • Homework 2 - Under negation, TRUE becomes FALSE - or - FALSE becomes TRUE. Negations are usually formed by placing the word "not" in the sentence.
  • Homework 3 - So the negation of the given sentence could proceed in a number of ways.

Practice Worksheets

These are all geometry based. We put the animal sounds on hold.

  • Practice 1 - What is the truth value of the negations of these statements?
  • Practice 2 - The angles in the triangle add up to 180°.
  • Practice 3 - The sentence we are given is true. Our negation should have the opposite value (false).

Math Skill Quizzes

We haven't seen this topic appear on a national exam, but here is what we would think it would look like.

  • Quiz 1 - A 4-sided flat shape with straight sides that have a pair of opposite sides parallel is called trapezoid.
  • Quiz 2 - The vertex of a parabola is the highest or lowest point.
  • Quiz 3 - The sun rises in the East.