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Kindergarten Math Worksheets

All of the worksheets, directly below, are aligned to the Common Core Math Standards. You will see each standards letter and numerical listing below in order. We are also have awesome Kindergarten Math Posters for your classroom.


Counting to 100 - CC.1

Counting Forward - CC.2

Skip Counting By 2s - K.CC.A.2

Skip Counting By 3s - K.CC.A.2

Counting Objects to 20 - CC.3

Ordinal Numbers - K.CC.2, K.CC.4

Understanding Cardinal Numbers - CC.4

Counting How Many There Are Present - CC.5

Number Comparisons - CC.7

Naming Numbers - K.CC.7

Comparing Numbers Up to 10- CC.6, CC.7



Add and Subtraction to 5 - OA.1. , OA.5

Number Line Subtraction - K.OA.A.1

Picture Subtraction - K.OA.A.1

Basic Addition and Subtraction Word Problems - OA.2

Decomposing Numbers Up To 20 - OA.3

Making The Number Ten - OA.4



Ones and Tens Place Value Blocks - NBT.1

Number Line Addition - K.NBT.A.1

Picture Addition - K.NBT.A.1



Describing Measurements - MD.1

Comparing Measures (Length and Weight) - MD.2

Above and Below, Left and Right - K.MD.A.2

Big and Small - K.MD.A.2

Who Weighs More or Less? - K.MD.A.2

What Doesn't Belong? - K.MD.A.3

Classifying Objects into Groups - MD.3



Relative Position - G.1

Recognize Shapes - G.2, G.3

Analyzing Shapes - G.4, G.5, G.6