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What Doesn't Belong

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Kindergarten Measurement - K.MD.A.3

How to Determine What Does Not Belong In a Group - Guessing something that is present in a set or a group but doesn't belong there is an important skill to learn. It enhances the analytical ability of a brain and proves to be useful in many situations. These types of questions are often asked in employment and aptitude tests because they test your analytical thinking ability. They are comparatively simple to solve. However, a few of them, at an advanced level, can be a bit tricky. There is a simple trick of solving such questions. You just have to pick that one thing that doesn't blend with others of the set. For example, in the case of four shapes, three can be four-sided while the fourth one can have only three sides. All are shapes, but the catch here is the number of sides each shape has. While all the shapes have four sides, there is one that has three sides, hence the odd one. So, it doesn't belong to the group and should be picked as the answer. There can be other cases as well in which it can become tricky to guess what doesn't belong to a group, but all such questions revolve around a basic technique. Learning and mastering that can help anyone solve any such questions. These worksheets and less help students understand which object might be odd in a set.

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