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Recognizing Geometric Shapes

G.2, G.3
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Kindergarten - G.2, G.3

How to Recognize Common Geometric Shapes - You find shapes everywhere around you. We say a lot about shapes without actually understanding what they are and how can we identify them. When it comes to geometric shapes, it is incredibly easy to compare them because they have a certain and specific figure, which is easy to identify. The following are some common geometric shapes we can easily recognize. Oval - An oval is like a smooshed circle, flat at the circumference. It is not a perfect circle, rather a bit elongated. Circle - A circle has no side. It is a two-dimensional figure which is a perfect round. A circle can be easily recognized because it has no points or sides. Triangle - The simplest of polygons, having three points. It is to note that a triangle has equal sides. Rectangle - It is a type of parallelogram having 90-degree angles. It is a shape with parallel sides combined with the common angle. It's one side is longer than the other. Square - More like a triangle, it is one of the most notable geometric shapes having all equal sides. Similar to a rectangle, it has all 90-degree angles and parallel opposite sides. These worksheets and lessons will help make students become familiar with a wide range of common geometric shapes.

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