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Ones and Tens Place Value Blocks

K.NBT.1, K.OA.3
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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Kindergarten - K.NBT.1, K.OA.3

What Are Place Value Blocks? Place value blocks are a hands-on way to learn the concept of place value in the number system. It helps in developing the concepts about operations, measurement; basically, all the concepts of mathematics. The place value blocks help students get a deeper understanding of number combinations and regrouping of numbers. The place value blocks provide a spatial mode for creating the number system. The smallest block having 1 cm cubes are called units, the narrow blocks having 1 x 1 cm by 10 cm are called rods. When 10 of these are combined, they become a flat square block, having measure 1 x 10 x 10 cm. The largest block having a measure of 10 cm on a side is called cubes. The size of the blocks makes for an ideal relationship to define the place values of numbers. Students' playing around with blocks, creating structures have a better understanding of the existing number system. This leads them to work out even the toughest problems and work intuitively with the geometric concepts of shape learning about perimeter, area, and volume of these shapes. These worksheets help students understand the concept of place value blocks and how they can be used to represent values.

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