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Counting By 2s Worksheets

When we introduce students to the concept of skip counting it is the first time that they are working with any form of calculation. This skill builds a repour with the concept of number sense. Ultimately this is this activity will form their foundation for both the multiplication and division operations. In many cases students will have experienced this skill in their daily life without even realizing it. When we tell time we use skip counting all the time not just by 2s, but also 5s, 10s, 15s, and 30s. Skip counting also helps students center their thoughts on the idea that you can count backwards just as well as you can go forward with it. This is where we start to grasp the concept of number line and mastering this skill makes understanding them so much easier. This collective of worksheets and lessons helps students learn how to count ahead by twos.

Aligned Standard: K.CC.A.2

  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.
  • Step-by-step Guided Walkthrough - This offers students a nice way to meet up with the skill. Just follow the sequence by skipping 2 digits from the number you are on.
  • Bells Guided Walkthrough 2- Count all the bells. Again we are focusing on baby steps here. We can count each individual bell or we can count them as a pair.
  • Skip Counting By 2s Box Worksheet- Fill each box with the next number set. There are missing values in the sequences that are presented to you.
  • Guided Walkthrough 1- Find the total number of ice creams counting by 2s. When we skip numbers in counting we usually pick one number to continually count by. In this case we will write a 2 for every 2 that we see. The first 2 are counted for us. As we count another 2, we get 4. We repeat this.
  • Mixed Practice Worksheet- We do just about everything that can be done with pairs here. Find the total number of candy canes and bunnies counting by 2s.
  • Step-by-Step Lesson - This the first lesson you should post to kids. This pizza maker has to make some pizza slices for a party. Help him to count the slices by 2s.
  • Skip Counting By 2s Table Worksheet- Skip the boxes and add a two to each box.
  • Skip Counting By 2s Worksheet 1- We start the counts at all kind of random areas. Complete all the counting sequences below.
  • Skip Counting By 2s Worksheet 2- Count the pairs of skates and clouds. Find the total number of skates counting by 2s.

Tips for Learning to Skip Count

Counting Sheep

Skip counting skill is considered one of t the necessary arbitrary math skill. It is the skill that is significantly helpful in helping children in learning multiples, telling time, and dealing with money. To put it simply, skip counting builds a better numeral sense and lays a firm foundation for advanced mathematical skills.

Though necessary, skip counting is a challenge for most of the students. But there are a few ways through which you can help children in learning this skill quickly and easily. Below, we have listed a few tips which can be significantly beneficial in helping your children master this skill.

Manipulatives - Manipulatives are incorporated differently for teaching a number of mathematical topics. You can take advantage of manipulatives or teaching skip counting too.

Pick any random objects and employ them manipulatives. Use paper clips, cubes, or even candy as manipulatives. Arrange these items differently and ask children to count every second, third, or tenth item. This way, children will be able to grasp the concept by visually observing and through hands-on practice.

Questioning - Questioning is quite possibly one of the most overlooked teaching strategies. You can employ the tip of critical questioning to teach skip counting. Instead of simply asking your children ‘skip count to 3’, ask children to 'count to 60 by 11s'.

It will help your children in discovering more ways of learning skip counting and to better answer critical questions.

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