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Counting Worksheets

Mathematicians and Historians cannot agree on the true inception of the study of mathematics. With the complete lack of a starting point, it stands to reason that learning to count and share the idea of how many or how few is a very reasonable place to begin. This skill helps us understand the conditions of just about anything. It begins with the basic need of understanding that someone or something has more or less than us. Over the course of history many different civilizations have come up with some very unique ways to quantify this concept. We use what is called the decimal system in our form of mathematics. It is based on the concept of applying ten as the base value. Below you will find a ton of different ways to practice this skill with worksheets and homework sheets. Click on a topic below to see what is available for it.

Tips for Teaching Counting


Whether it is daily life or classrooms, counting is an essential skill for kids. Children need to master counting before they start their schooling. Teaching and making kids understand counting is a difficult job. But some tips can significantly help you in teaching counting and ease your child's learning.

Fix My Room - I am well aware that teachers thrive on having a well-organized classroom. I do as well. One school year I had my classroom location changed at the last minute. This left me with a completely unprepared classroom for the first day. The first day I didn’t even know where to begin. So I included my students in the entire process of organizing the room. I had them learn to quantify everything in minutes. When it was over, I realized what a great learning process it was for my kids. Now I start off every year with a complete unprepared room and the first week is getting everything together. Students really pick up this skill quickly when they feel as if it really matters.

Match Sets - A great way to start this concept with students is to play the classic card game Concentration. This is where two of each type of card are found in the set and students need to turn them over to match them. Once they get the notion of matching, set them loose on full sets of items. Have them match items and tell you how many there are. I love to do this in stations and then have students compare the numbers that they came up. This can be a great cooperative learning opportunity.

Sing Alongs - Sing along counting is one of the ideal ways to teach counting. Kids are more attentive towards songs and rhymes. Therefore, songs related to counting helps significantly in teaching counting. Search for the songs related to counting and make your child learn them by heart.

Connecting Stairs and Blocks - You can teach counting by making them skip stairs or make towers of blocks. These games not only make counting fun but also ease the process of learning. Children love to build things, give them blocks to create different structures and towers while they count.

Snacks and Cards - Buy number cards and allow your children to play with number cards. These cards are colorful and attractive which helps in making the process of learning easier for kids. Have them place the values in order from least to greatest. More advanced students can even flip that one for you.

Shop Around - Encourage your kids to help you with shopping. Make them pick a number of fruits or vegetables you have to buy. Ask them the number of grocery items that you bought and correct them if they are wrong. I enjoy setting them loose in the produce section and asking for a specific number of a certain type of fruit or vegetable. This is a great live action learning activity.

Get started on these sets. I think that I covered counting from every possible aspect. If there is anything you can think of that I'm missing; please let me know and I will add them as soon as possible.

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