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Skip Counting to 1000 Worksheets

How To Skip Count By (5s, 10s, 100s)? Addition, subtractions, and multiplication of numbers get simpler when kids know the art of skip counting. Skip counting is one of the most useful mathematical techniques that can help kids excel in concepts of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. When we say count by 2s, 5s, 10s, or even 100s, we are referring to skip counting. Learning this skill will help kids count many things quickly without stressing out and even help them learn multiplication tables. Skip counting involves adding the same number over and over. Normal counting is simply adding one to get the next number. Kids can take help from a number line to better understand skip counting. Counting by 5s - Learning to count by 5s can help kids read the numbers on the clock easily. To learn to count by 5s, one has to understand the pattern; 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, … , 90, 95, 100 Counting by 10s - The easiest skip counting is to count by 10s. For normal counting, one simply has to add one to get the next number. To count by 10s you have to do the same, except there is an extra zero. 10, 20, 30, … , 80, 90, 100 Counting by 100s - Counting by 100s is just like counting by 1s and 10s. You need to add one with an extra two zeros to get the next number. 100, 200, 300, … , 800, 900, 1000 Students learn how to do chunk or skip counting with these worksheets for three different denominations of values.

Aligned Standard: Grade 2 Base Ten - 2.NBT.2

  • Step-by-step Lesson- We practice all the skip counts. We give you the starting and ending point.
  • Guided Lesson -This one is interesting. Find the odd man out in a number sequence, count by 10s, and find a missing number.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - We work through the sequences to understand why answers are the way they are.
  • Practice Worksheet - Count the images in packs of 5 and 10. A good way to back it up.
  • Skip Counting 5 Pack - A nice pack of skip counts for you. Place all the missing values in the boxes.
  • Matching Worksheet - What number would complete the sequence exactly the way you need it done.
  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

Homework Sheets

I made these very basic to baby step them into the practice sheets.

  • Homework 1- This is a repeated addition problem. Keep adding 5s until you reach 40.
  • Homework 2- Count by 10s to reach 90. You will find the total of images and walk through this.
  • Homework 3- How many ice cream cones are there? Count by 10s.

Practice Worksheets

I find that for some reason kids can count to 100 without problems. Once kids get over 100, they get a bit confused at first.

  • Practice 1- You will mix it up by working with all values to make this a nice and round exercise for you.
  • Practice 2- Remember that everything is moving forward so the values should increase from left to right.
  • Practice 3- Look for any patterns that do not match or list the starting or last number in the sequence.

Math Skill Quizzes

See if you like the counting boxes. They might be difficult to navigate, but they were on 3 national assessments this year.

  • Quiz 1- There are a great many more blanks to fill in these sequences.
  • Quiz 2- You will be working off of the starting value and the directions.
  • Quiz 3- Match Column A to Column B. You are looking for the missing value in each pattern of numbers.

Why is Learning How to Skip Count Important?

Not all traditional math curriculum actually include this topic. They often will help students make sense of these connection when working on the topic of addition or multiplication.Learning to count in chunks has a natural cross over to an overwhelming number of other areas.The obvious connection is moving from the concepts of addition to multiplication.What better way to learn your times tables? This helps students build a strong number sense which allows them to identify patterns in data sets and ultimately have a better understanding of the values that they are working with.

There are many different real world life skills that this concept helps us adapt to and better comprehend quickly. The core of this skill lays down a foundation system that can be applied to all types of activities.Think about how much easier it would be to tell time on an analog clock if you could skip count by 5s with ease. This helps us plan our day and get to where we have to go on time.What about using money.How much easier is to count a pile of money, when you have mastered counting by 5s, 10s, and 20s?This creates our ability to competently shop and buy or sell things. Possessing the ability to make change (with money) quickly almost entirely starts with this skill.What about keeping score in games that give out multiple value of points? Basketball and football come to mind. This skill allows you to keep score yourself in those games, among others.

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