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Second Grade Math Worksheets

You will find a huge selection of worksheets that are specifically designed to help second grade students and teachers learn the fundamental skills that are highlighted for this grade level. Each of the topics come complete with step by step lessons, quizzes, and even homework sheets for students to work on independently. All of our materials are aligned with the Core Math Standards. This makes it simple to include in lesson plans as a teacher. As a parent you can rest assure that your children are getting age appropriate material. This also gives you a good idea of their progress and success at this level. Please make sure to use our test section to determine how your students are doing on the materials that are presented. We have had over a dozen independent accolades on the work that is presented here. We also have Second Grade Math Posters for you to print.

Operations and Pre-Algebra Worksheets

What Topics Do Math Students Learn in Second Grade?

Is your child about to start with second grade mathematics? Or do you want to check if your kid gained the required skills at the end of their second grade year? Here is a list of all the topics that students learn in second grade.

Number Systems
- Reading, locating, comparing, and identifying numbers to 20.
- The concept of place values, including units, tens, hundreds, and thousands
- Skip counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s
- Understanding reverse properties of whole numbers
- Addition and subtraction of coins

Measurement - Using and understanding more than, less than, same as, heavier than, lighter than, and taller than
- Reading a clock
- Difference between hours, minutes, and seconds
- Using terms including inches, feet, yard, centimeters, and meters

Geometry - Describe and identify 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes
- Differentiate between 2D and 3D shapes
- Identify shapes in everyday structures
- Making patterns with shapes

Patterning - Identifying and describing patterns with multiple attributes
- Follow specific rules in number-, picture-, and object-patterns
- Identifying patterns in daily life such as wallpapers and paint patterns

By the end of the second grade school year, a student must have a strong grasp on all these concepts as they lay the foundation of advanced concepts, they will have to study in the third grade.

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