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Grade 2 Math Worksheets

All of our printables are aligned with the Core Math Standards. This makes it simple to include in lesson plans as a teacher. As a parent you can rest assure that your children are getting age appropriate material. This also gives you a good idea of their progress and success at this level. We also have Second Grade Math Posters for you to print.

Operations and Pre-Algebra

One and Two Step Addition and Subtraction (Up to 100) Word Problems- 2.OA.1

Addition and Subtraction (Within 20)- 2.OA.2

Odd and Even Numbers - 2.OA.3

Consecutive Numbers - 2.OA.3

Counting Rectangular Arrays (Rows and Columns)- 2.OA.4


Numbers and Base Ten

Four Digit Addition - 2.NBT

Addition of Three Integers - 2.NBT

Place Value (Ones, Tens, Hundreds)- 2.NBT.1

Ones, Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands Blocks- 2.NBT.A.1

Skip Counting to 1000 (5s, 10s, 100s) - 2.NBT.2

Mixed Skip Counting - 2.NBT.A.2

Skip Counting By 5s - 2.NBT.2

Forms of Numbers (Numerals, Number Names, Expanded Form)- 2.NBT.3

Writing Names of Numbers and Expanded Format- 2.NBT.3

Number Comparisons (Under 1000) - 2.NBT.4

Fluently Adding and Subtracting - 2.NBT.5

Adding Single and Double Digits - 2.NBT.B.5

Addition of Double Digits - 2.NBT.B.5

One Digit from Two Digits Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.5

Two Digit Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.5

Subtraction with Dots - Related to 2.NBT.B.5

The Addition of Four Two Digit Numbers- 2.NBT.6

Adding and Subtracting (Within 1,000) - 2.NBT.7

Addition of Triple and Double Digits - 2.NBT.B.7

Two Digit from Three Digit Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.7

Three from Three Digit Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.7

Mixed Number Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.7

Missing Digit Subtraction - Related to 2.NBT.B.7

Estimate Sums - 2.NBT.B.7

Mixed Addition - 2.NBT.B.7

Three Digit Addition - 2.NBT.B.7

Borrowing and Regrouping Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.7

Mental Addition and Subtraction- 2.NBT.8

Relating Addition and Subtraction (Fact Families) - 2.NBT.9


Measurement and Data

Measurement Tools and Measuring Length- 2.MD.1

Measures of Length Word Problems- 2.MD.2

Estimating Units of Length- 2.MD.3

Estimating Length Measures - 2.MD.3

Measuring Length in Meters- 2.MD.4

Length Word Problems- 2.MD.5

Number Lines and Whole Numbers- 2.MD.6

Telling Time from Analog and Digital Clocks- 2.MD.7

Measuring Time in Words - 2.MD.C.7

Dollars and Cents Word Problems- 2.MD.8

Adding and Subtracting Values of Money - 2.MD.C.8

Comparing Values of Money - 2.MD.C.8

Counting Coins and Dollars - 2.MD.C.8

Converting Money Values - 2.MD.C.8

Counting Coins (U.S.) - 2.MD.C.8

Making Change - 2.MD.C.8

Mixed Coin Counts ( Up to $5.00) - 2.MD.C.8

Generate Measurement Data Word Problems- 2.MD.9

Make Graphs That Represent Data- 2.MD.10

Horizontal Bar Charts - 2.MD.D.10

Making Bar Graphs - 2.MD.D.10

Reading Data Tables - 2.MD.D.10

Making Pictographs - 2.MD.D.10



Recognizing and Drawing Shapes - 2.G.1

The Area of Rectangles - 2.G.2

Partition Circles and Rectangles In Halves, Quarters, and Other Fractions - 2.G.3