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Comparing Numbers That Are Less Than 100

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 2 Base Ten - 2.NBT.4

How to Compare Numbers That Are Less Than 100? Comparing numbers is one of the building blocks of doing maths efficiently. It helps in other basic operations as well, especially addition, subtraction, etc. Numbers are compared with each other in using symbols of greater than ">," less than "<" and equal to "=." However, for first and second graders, it can be a bit difficult to comprehend it. So to make things simpler follow these rules:
BIG > small
Small < BIG
The small pointer always points to the small number, and then the opening part of the pointer is next to the bigger number. Here are some of the examples of "equals to" "greater than" and "less than."
Equals to: 2 + 2 = 4 or 2a = 10
Less than: 3 < 5 or 19 < 91
Greater than: 9 > 6 or 21 > 12
An easy way to understand the concept of comparing numbers is by using a visual approach. Children are often interested in pictures of animals or flowers. You can put numbers into those pictures on their worksheets to make them learn the concept of comparison. These worksheets help students learn how to compare to integers as equal, greater than, or less than.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

I presented these problems in every possible way I could think of.

  • Homework 1- When the numbers are not equal, the arrow always points to the smaller number.
  • Homework 2- When left hand side number is bigger than the right hand side then we put 'is greater than' (>).
  • Homework 3- When right hand side number is bigger than the left hand side then we put 'is less than' (<).

Practice Worksheets

The trick of pointing the arrow to the smaller number comes in handy here.

  • Practice 1- When right hand side number is equal to the left hand side then we put 'is equal to' (=).
  • Practice 2- Compare the following numbers using the symbols >, <, or =.
  • Practice 3- Each object is worth 100 units.

Math Skill Quizzes

Each quiz presents a slightly different format for each problem type.

  • Quiz 1- Compare these values.
  • Quiz 2- Which words makes this statement.
  • Quiz 3- Put these numbers in order based on the symbols.