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Comparing Money Amounts Worksheets

We, as adults, often take for granted the difficulty in comparing amounts of money. I learned this quickly when I travelled to a foreign country that did not trade American currency. First, I had to figure out which bill and coin was. Then I had to attribute a value to each of these. Just paying the cab driver from the airport was crazy complicated for me. Having the ability to compare amounts of money is much like making change or paying for something, just on a slightly larger scale. This series of worksheets and lessons will show students how to compare values of U.S. coins and dollars.

Aligned Standard: 2.MD.C.8

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Comparisons Between Values Practice Sheets

We give you several sets of values to compare from many different angles.

  • Independent Practice 1 - Two friends went to watch a movie in the theatre. Use <, > or = symbols to compare the money in their wallets.
  • Independent Practice 2 - We need to use the chart below to determine the value of each coin.

Real World Applications Worksheets

Ever use money to buy something or sell something? Here are some exercises similar to what you will find as a reality.

How to Compare Amounts of Money

Two Different Sized Coins

Determining the value or amount of money one has is gaining recognition around the world around your students at this time in their lives. This is due to the fact that the time value of money is becoming a real thing for them to begin measure and keep track of. It usual starts with a small checking account that we can watch grow slowly over time. In order to stay motivated, we always need to have a goal. When we compare where we want to be as apposed to where we are, we begin to understand what is required of us to reach that goal.

Comparison is a common concept in mathematics. It calls for analyzing two different or varying concepts, variables, relationships as well as values to find out which one stands out or hold more weightage. But in mathematics, it is not about figuring out which one holds importance; it is more about finding out the right answer to particular question. The concept of money in mathematics often lends itself to understand how much we have and how much more we need. Understanding the gap between those two is often key to understanding how we need to plan. Let's learn how we can compare the value of money quickly.

Determine Which Value Is Larger/Smaller - The first rule is to clearly understand which of the values is greater and which is a lesser amount. One should have clear concepts about the monetary place value system. Start by comparing their largest place value (left number furthest to left), which ever value has the largest number at the highest place value, is the largest. If they have the same number, at the highest place value, move the second highest place value and compare that. You carry this on until you find an uneven comparison that allows you to declare a larger value.

Make a Mathematical Expression - Communicate the comparison of these two money amount through the use of an expression. Use greater than or less than signs between two values of money. The easiest way to remember how these are used is to always point the arrow towards the smaller value.

We start off with relatively smaller amounts of money, at this level. When you begin to work in the real world, those values will greatly elevate in complexity. You will start out by being told how much you will make an hour. Hourly wages are normally four place values long. Eventually you will earn a bi-weekly or weekly paycheck, add another decimal place. Once you progress through college, you will be ready for a salaried job that could increase that amount by two or even three additional decimal places.

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