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Representing Data Worksheets

When we are trying to find a solution to just about anything it is helpful to have data of some kind that helps us understand the nature of what is occurring. We have many different options on how to display that information and make it more visual.Representing the data in this manner does not just help organize it, but it helps you make better and more informed decisions.This allows us to quickly spot trends and analyze what is occurring in a system. We have many different choices on how to display this information.We can use data tables to place our information in rows and columns. This serves mostly an organizational purpose, but it can also help us sort the facts and figures when using spreadsheets. This can allow us to spot specific points that appear frequently.At this level we are focused on facts that are sorted by a single category. As we move forward we will learn to process more variables that just one. Students will use these worksheets to learn how to create custom graphs for their own needs.

Aligned Standard: Grade 2 Measurement - 2.MD.10

  • Step-by-Step Lesson- Make a bar graph of the data chart and answer the questions that follow.
  • Guided Lesson - This is three pages of problems. Each problem just has a single problem. I gave you plenty of work space.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - I hope I did a good job with these guys. It took me a good bit of time.
  • Practice Worksheet - We just answer a series of questions from ten different data charts.
  • Matching Worksheet - Match the bar graphs to the word problems in each case.
  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

Homework Sheets

You are given data and then asked to create a bar graph and answer questions.

  • Homework 1- Ms. Jackson's class voted on their favorite school subject. The data from the poll can be seen below.
  • Homework 2- Alan went to the zoo with his friends and saw some tigers, bears, wolves and lions. Answer the questions that follow.
  • Homework 3- Mia wants to decorate his kitchen. So she buys some kitchen items. She buys spoons, knives, bowls and coffee mugs. Answer the questions that follow.

Practice Worksheets

Use the graph to understand the answers to the questions.

  • Practice 1- Lauren joins a social club. She takes a poll of the club for their favorite flower. 54 women voted for their favorite flower. Lily was the most popular choice. The results of voting can be seen below. Create a bar graph of the table below.
  • Practice 2- 68 boys voted for their favorite accessory. The watch was the most popular choice. The results of voting can be seen below. Create a bar graph using the space below.
  • Practice 3- 19 boys voted for their favorite superhero. Batman was the most popular choice. The results of voting can be seen below. Create a bar graph using the space below.

Math Skill Quizzes

At this level they focus on bar graphs. I will also introduce a line graph section that is geared for this level soon.

  • Quiz 1-Dev went to the toy market. Make a bar graph of the number of toys he bought.
  • Quiz 2- 59 boys voted for their favorite vehicle. The results of voting can be seen below. Make bar graph of the vehicle he saw.
  • Quiz 3-30 children voted for their favorite cartoon. The results of voting can be seen below. Make bar graph of the cartoon he saw.

How to Make Graphs That Represent Data

Mathematics is all about making sense of data, numbers, and word problems that are filled with data. There is information hidden in every word problem. To be able to organize the data systematically, making graphs is the best practice. Learning how to make graphs and charts to have organized information is an important skill to learn in mathematics. These visual tools help us see patterns in the data and make smart decisions based on what we see.

Here is the basic path you should take when you are making graphs that represent the complete data you are given or collect yourself:

- Use colorful pencils and pieces of paper to draw a bar graph, giving each bar the name of a single quantity.

- By reading the frequency table, draw a line chart by placing the values on the graph. It will show you a trend in the data.

- To represent more than one quantity that is part of a whole, make a pie chart in different colors representing sectors of different quantities.

- In case you have continuous data in a word problem, use histograms. There are no gaps in a histogram. For a word problem that involves ages, a histogram can be drawn to represent it because age is continuous.

Use graphs and tables to save your time and solve the problem instantly.

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