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Subtraction with Images Worksheets

Visuals are very helpful to build upon counting skills and basic operations. When students are given clear and concise groups of images, they can easily counter operations and find sums and differences much easier. It is helpful to get them into the habit of crossing out the images as they clear through these problems. I would start by teaching them the skeleton format of a subtraction problem (minuend - subtrahend = difference). Then model this with the images which means that they will cross out the subtrahend value from the group that is present (minuend) to determine the difference. These worksheets and lessons help guide students toward subtraction skills by working on problems that provide both images and numbers for the minuend and subtrahend.

Aligned Standard: Related 2.NBT.B.5

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Single and Double Digit Worksheets

The colors listed below are all one integer format.

Mixed Integers

These sum up the entire skill in three sheets.

Why Is It Helpful to Learn to Subtract with Blocks?

Boy Playing with Blocks

The worksheets above focus on the use of images, which are great when students are not in a situation where they can readily touch and feel something. Anything that you can touch, feel, see, or hold in your hand is always a better idea to make your learning easy. It helps in keeping things in mind for the longest time. While there are so many ways out there to teach your kids about subtraction and addition, one of the best ways is to let them see and observe things. Therefore, the idea of regrouping or borrowing is very important for students to understand.

However, you can make this process of borrowing easy by introducing your kids to blocks in order for them to learn the concept of 'taking away.' Use single blocks, base ten blocks, and base a hundred blocks to solve subtraction problems. For example, you have a problem; 10 - 4. To get the answer for this problem, use base ten blocks. Since the blocks are breakable, you can take away 4 blocks away from the base ten and then count the remaining blocks to get your answer. Now assume you have a bit more difficult problem at hand to solve. Use the base hundred blocks to solve it.

A really cool game to play with students is to have them get in teams and model a different series of subtraction problems. You can build the game in an assembly line manner where the first student models the problem and the second students finds the difference without seeing the original problem. Building this into a team game really engages students in the learning process.

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