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Subtraction Worksheets

What is Subtraction? We all know that mastering addition is easier than grasping the concept of subtraction. Children can quickly put two things together to obtain a sum but they struggle with taking away one thing from another. Subtraction forms the foundation of many advanced mathematical concepts. Therefore, before they hop on complex concepts, it is necessary that they have a firm grip on subtraction In mathematics, subtraction is defined as taking away one thing from another. After subtraction, what remains in the group is less than what was present before subtraction. For example, If you take 3 away for 5 you will be left with 2. To express it mathematically, 6 – 4 =2 A simple subtraction problem usually has three parts. The part from which something is being taken away is known as minuend. The part which is being taken away is known as a subtrahend. The part that you are left with is known as difference. For example, 6 - 4=2, the number 6 is the minuend, 4 is the subtrahend and the number 2 is the difference. Our subtraction sheets are found mostly mixed in with addition operations in our basic math skills sheets.