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Single Digit Subtraction Worksheets

Having taught this topic for over three decades and giving my student teachers complete autonomy to teach this unit, I can honestly say that I feel I have seen this topic taught using every possible modality or medium. By far the most successful strategy is to present it with hands on activities and then transition to learning math facts on paper. I would start there and then move to our lessons with your students. It then branches out into learning math facts in volumes. I also would take it slower than you may want to, at first. I have seen kids get overwhelmed by having too many facts in front of them. Part of our job as teachers is helping them like the subject and not get overwhelmed with it. This is a collection of worksheets and lessons that help students learn to master the ability to find the difference between two single digit numbers.

Aligned Standard: 1.OA.A.1

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Guided Lessons

I stick mainly with vertical subtraction as it is key at these early levels.

Practice Worksheets

A number of quick rapid fire worksheets for you here.

Tips for Learning Single Digit Subtraction

Subtraction Symbol

As much as you enjoy addition, subtraction might not be that easy and fun for you. If you are someone who only enjoys addition and not subtraction, then let us tell you how within a few minutes you will start loving and enjoying subtraction too. Let's learn with the basic subtraction problems, which are the single-digit problems.

You can encounter single digit subtraction sums horizontally as well as vertically. They can be written as 3 - 2 or you can find them written as one over the other; with the 3 on top and the 2 on the bottom. Like most things in math, it all starts with organizing yourself. Follow these tips to help you organize yourself for finding the different between of single digits:

Orientation Is Everything - Organize the problem. Write the bigger number above the smaller number. Make sure that both the numbers lie in the same column.

Convert Numbers to Lines If you are having any difficulty at all, draw lines beside the numbers and then count till the smaller number to cross the lines. For instance, the number 3 would be represented as III. You would then cross out the same number of lines from the top and bottom number. The number of lines that are left over represent the difference. For example, the difference of 5 and 2 would be processed like this:


- 2

Would be rewritten by including lines:

   5 (IIIII)

- 2 (II)

This would result in crossing out the same number of lines on the top and bottom number.

   5 (IIIII)

- 2 (II)

As we see the remaining lines (III) 3 represents the difference.

Counting Backwards - You can count from the smaller number till the bigger number on your fingertips to get the answer. Using the same example (5 - 2), we would start at 5 and count backward 2 places. (5, 4, 3).

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