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Subtracting Shapes Worksheets

Using shapes to introduce students to subtraction and baby step them over to using integers in the place of the visuals is the goal of this topic. Obvious you want to present this concept in a hands-on fashion before you ever make your way to using lessons and worksheets like this. We would recommend using blocks or good ole Lincoln logs to help you present the concept. Remind students that subtraction is simply dialing back counting or counting in reverse. You start with a minuend and roll back the number of times indicated by the subtrahend to determine the difference. These worksheets feature problems that have you find the difference in value by using images and figures solely.

Aligned Standard: Related to 1.OA.4

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More Practice Sheets

You will find a wide variety of formats. Answer keys are attached with them.

  • Organized Stars to 10 - Subtraction is basically removing a number of things from a starting number.
  • Paint Palettes - Use the figures to help you solve the subtraction problems.
  • Chaotic Boxes - Count all of the objects that appear to the left of the subtraction symbol (-).
  • Structured Dots - Write that number on the line below the objects.
  • Structured Stars - Count all of the objects that appear to the right of the subtraction symbol (-).
  • Horizontal Happy Faces - Cross out all of the objects that appear to the right of the subtraction symbol (-).
  • Horizontal Hearts - Cross out the same number of objects that appear to the right of the subtraction symbol (-).
  • Overloaded Checkers - Count the number of objects that are not crossed out on the left side. Write that number on the line after the equals symbol (=).

Learning to Subtract with Images

Glasses With Stars Around Them

Ever wondered why toddlers or little kids are taught counting and their alphabet by using images and pictures? Or why they are shown real objects to help them learn the name of it? Visuals and graphics play an important in making an impact on the mind. A recent study of over 100,000 people across the nation looked at the percentage of the population that are categorized as visual learners. Those that take in information best when given visual prompts. The study concluded that about sixty-five percent of the United States population learn best in this manner. They help in learning the concepts quicker and stays longer in mind.

Studies that took place in late 60s found that people retain just under twenty percent of what they learned using a written or spoken format three days after they learned this information. This is compared to those that learned visually whom retained sixty-five percentage over the same period. When you think of this and that neuroscience studies have shown us that the human brain processes visuals sixty-thousand times faster than text, it is obvious that adding visuals to your lessons can greatly improve comprehension.

Subtraction is a mathematical operation that most kids face difficulty with because let's say it; it is a bit different as compared to addition. But all you need to do is learn a few tricks, and you are there. One of the best things that will help you learn subtraction is learning it through images. Work on worksheets, make images or drawings, and then count on them as per the subtraction problem.

The key is to visualizing subtraction is to have your mind map the numbers into shapes or objects. For example, you have 7 - 3. You can help kids understand this problem by showing them visually how they can take away 3 from a group of objects having 7 items in it or how they can draw 7 lines or any image, say little butterflies and take away 3 from them to get the answer.

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