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Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers

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Grade 4 Base Ten - 4.NBT.4

How to Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers? Addition and subtraction are the most basic and essential concepts in mathematics. Whether one is grade four or in college, people have to bring addition and subtraction in use in their daily lives. Addition and subtraction lay the grounds for advanced mathematical concepts. After learning single-digit addition and subtraction, it is time that you move to the addition and subtraction of the multi-digit whole numbers. Do not let the name scare you, as addition and subtraction are always easy, whether it involves single-digit or five digits. Strategy 1: Using concrete manipulatives and place values The easiest way to get a grasp of the concept of addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers is to use the concept of regrouping using concrete manipulatives. Using this strategy, the kids can visually determine the place values. It will even help them grasp the concept of carrying and borrowing. Strategy 2: Split-Addition and Split-Subtraction The second most effective strategy to solve multi-digit addition and subtraction is to adopt the practice of splitting. Splitting is very easy to perform strategy if one grasps the concept of splitting perfectly. Example; 647+285 Splitting 647; 600+40+7 Splitting 285; 200+80+5 Even the splitting technique is making use of the concept of place values. Students learn how to add and subtract mixed whole digit values in this selection of worksheets.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

I purposely off set the alignment of the first sheet to make students have to rewrite the problem. This really helps them understand the skill.

Practice Worksheets

You will find sum and difference on number 1. Number 2 and 3 work on each skill individually.

Math Skill Quizzes

I mixed all the skills and number of digits used throughout each quiz.

  • Quiz 1 - Get after the problems here.
  • Quiz 2 - Evenly distributed problems can be found on this worksheet (quiz).
  • Quiz 3 - We start out with fewer digits and advance as we go along.