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Subtraction Word Problems Worksheets

Word problems are not easy, but if you take the approach that we are going to present to you, they will surely be a cinch. It all starts with you reading the math sentence or statement to spot words that indicate a sense of change or transformation that may be possible. In order to decipher these types of problems it entirely comes down to you paying attention to the phrases and single words within each of the exercises that you may see. Make sue to take your time to read into these types of math sentences and this will help you expand to other types of operational based sentence problems. This series of worksheets and lessons helps students learn to identify words that indicate subtract will take place in a word problem.

Aligned Standard: 1.OA.A.1

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Words That Help You Spot Subtraction in Word Problems

Apple in Garbage

When it comes to mathematics, the toughest part is still word problems. Solving word problems surely seem like the biggest mountain to climb, and there seems to escape out of this confusion. The trickiest part about word problems is understanding the English words and creating a mathematical equation out of it. They combine reading comprehension with math concepts. Once you get the hang of it, solving them are fairly simple, but the part where you have to translate from English to Math is nearly impossible, in your mind at this time. If you skim through the problems and focus on spotting keywords that are a dead giveaway, these simple become easy.

But let's not forget that even the most difficult of all problems can be solved, and there is a solution to every problem. There are a few tips that can help you conquer any subtraction word problem. All you have to do is follow a few steps. The first step requires you to thoroughly read the entire word problem. That means that you need to highlight any word or phrase that may give you a hint to the operator at play. Trying to solve while you have read only a fragment of the sentence is useless. Read and understand. The most important part of your focus should be to organize things. Figure out what figures are given, what the variables mean or indicate, and what figure or measurements you need to find out. Lastly, you have to look for the operation that needs to be implicated in the word problem, either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Look for keywords!

Here is a list of words that indicate you will need to use the subtraction operator: Minus, less | Decreased by | Less than fewer than | Save | Comparatives | Left, leftover, after. If you see an of those, there is a huge chance that you will be tasked with finding the difference between highest value available and the lowest.

How to Outline a Simple Math Word Problem?

Here are some steps that you can follow to outline a simple math problem: Read the entire problem at least 3 times. Take a quick scan on your very first attempt, and then the remaining two will be very slow so that you can gather important information hidden within the question. Try to make a pictorial representation of the problem. It will make the information more sensible and real to you. Use the information that you have gathered to make a table where the blank portions indicate all the information which is still unknown. Assign some kind of variable or letter for all the unknown data. It will allow you to make an equation. Translate the English terms in the form of a mathematical equation. It is one of the main issues in word problems that the problem is not expressed in a mathematical equation. Check if the equation you made makes any sense and is the equation using all the information mentioned. Use mathematic rules to solve the equation. Check your answer(s) to see if they make sense according to what information was provided. Cross-check your answers by using the answer in place of the information that was previously unknown.

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