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Rapid Fire Horizontal Subtraction Math Facts


Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 1 Operations - 1.OA.6

Quick Ways to Learn Subtraction Math Facts- Maths becomes easy and simple for kids who have mastered the basic math facts. The longer a kid takes to memorize the math facts, the more difficult maths will become for them. If you want your kids to start loving maths, make sure they learn the basic math facts. As compared to addition, subtraction is a bit challenging for kids. Not knowing the subtractions facts can make it difficult for kids to solve subtraction sums and problems effectively. Here are some quick ways to teach the kids subtraction math facts. Jump and Hop Math Facts - Kids just love it when they get to play in their study time. You can turn the study time into a hop-scotch game. It is a fun way to memorize the subtraction math facts in a reduced timeframe. The fact of the Day- Our young ones are eager to learn new things every day. Use the subtraction math facts like the fact of the day, and you will be surprised how quickly your kids will begin to memorize the facts. Using Visuals- Visual education is better than verbal education. You can use objects and images to teach your kid the subtraction math facts. Using flashcards, flashlights, and their toys to teach them, the subtraction facts will work perfectly. These worksheets work on quick math subtraction facts with the problems being arranged horizontally.

Practice Worksheets

This should a great resource for you to use as review sheets.

Mad Minutes

60 on the the clock, 30 problems on each sheet.