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Addition and Subtracting to 5 Worksheets

When you first start teaching you suspect that this is a really simple concept to teach. You also have zero understanding of how impactful this simple unit is on the math skills of your students for many years to come. This is really your students first introduction to the concept of mathematically relationships and operations. If there was one unit that was critical for your students’ future, you picked it with this topic. We have put together a great collection of worksheets and lessons that teach students how to add and subtract up to the number five. We display the problems in three different forms here. Examples Of The Worksheet Problems: 1. Add the integers 1 and 4, 2. 4 – 2, and 3. Circle two math sentences that mean the same thing: 1 + 3, 2 + 3, 5 – 1.

Aligned Standard: Kindergarten - K.OA.5

Tips for Teaching Addition and Subtraction to 5

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These are skills that we want our students to grasp quickly while understanding what it physically means. There is plenty of research that indicates that student who understand what numbers actually represent develop a much deeper sense of numeracy. Students that graduate Kindergarten with this concept have a much higher ceiling than their peers that do not.

Adding and subtracting numbers to a single digit is an important calculation that will follow them as the curriculum continues to spiral year after year. To teach children with different ways to tackle addition and subtraction to 5, you need to keep few things in mind. Here are some considerations that our staff has had a great deal of success with their students.

Relationships - You want to start off by helping students form a relationship with integers. Have them count everything and compare values such as using the phrases "more than" or "lesser than". You can also use words like "add on" for addition and "taken off" for subtracting numbers. The best way to do this is through the use of tangible manipulatives that they can have a hands-on relationship with. You can use different shapes and objects for the addition and subtraction of numbers.

Start With Grouping - Start with the concept of sorting between two different things like shapes (circles vs. rectangles). This gives them the concept that two entities can occupy the same area. Once they have that sense of spatial recognition, it is time to make the concept fun by having them play games as a class. Put students with partners, even groups of three work too. Give them a bag of two different types of objects. Have them sort the objects, as we previously discussed. Once the items are in two groups have them compare the groups. Then ask one partner to hide some of the objects. The seeker must first figure out how many objects they are looking for. For instance, if you, as the seeker, were given 5 marbles and now only 2 are left, you would be looking for 3 marbles. I bet you see where I am going with this.

Time For Symbols - Once they have this it is time to introduce the math operation symbols (+, -, and =). I suggest modelling things that they learned from the game that they played. Addition seems to be much easier for students because it builds from counting. This is why I work on backwards counting before I move on to subtraction in digit form. I would make sure that they have this operation mastered before moving on to subtracting. Introduce it as taking something away from a starting number.

Share Your Life With Them - You can use real-life examples to build not only the understanding of addition and subtraction but also understand the basis of word problems that they will see. I highly suggest that you share stories about your life that some how include these operations. I would also highly suggest constant repetition.

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