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Two Digit Subtraction Worksheets

This is where subtraction for the first time where subtraction starts to trip up students because of the concept of borrowing and regrouping. It requires students to begin to carry values across place values. This can be very abstract for them. I highly encourage you to start using the vertical orientation first. This makes the concept a bit more concrete for students. You will definitely begin to work through their biggest issues in that format. You can shift over to the horizontal version once students are getting comfortable. These worksheets and lessons will teach students how to find the difference between double digit numbers.

Aligned Standard: 2.NBT.B.5

  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

Horizontal Homework Sheets

All the work here is arranged in a horizontal fashion.

  • Homework 1 - The all have a single regrouping. There are also no subtraction of zeros.
  • Homework 2 - This one includes a little bit of everything.
  • Homework 3 - There is a complete lack of regrouping on this homework.
  • Homework 4 - This one is just completely free of zero differences.
  • Homework 5 - All these problems include differences with zeros.

Practice Worksheets

These are set up in a vertical manner. Just go right down the column.

  • Practice 1 - There is a good amount of borrowing going on with these exercises.
  • Practice 2 - These problems are completely unrestricted.
  • Practice 3 - These are straight up column based problems.
  • Practice 4 - You are forced to borrow on all of these exercises.
  • Practice 5 - A wide array of different types of problems here.

Math Skill Quizzes

Our homework and practice offer a number of fixed skills, but all our quizzes are completely open.

  • Quiz 1 - You will have problems that are oriented in both directions.
  • Quiz 2 - You have 10 problems up and down, another 10 are left to right.
  • Quiz 3 - You will need to include everything you learned to see where you are at with these.

What is Borrowing in Subtraction?

The Shift Key

Do you the concept of carrying in addition problems in mathematics, where you put/add an extra value to the number to balance the answer? Borrowing or regrouping in subtraction is just the opposite of this idea. In subtraction, you borrow value from the next biggest digit in the left column to support the digit, which is smaller in value and get an answer for that digit. Some of you might hear the term regrouping. Nevertheless, borrowing and regrouping are the same. The extra amount that you take from the left column is known as the borrowed amount or digit. For example;

4 - 2 = 2 (this required no borrowing or regrouping).

36 - 9 = 27 (this required borrowing or regrouping from the digit 3 (tens place)).

The borrowing or regrouping can also move to the next two or three digits in line. For instance, in this example, 624 - 7 = 617, we got this answer by borrowing value from 6 rather than 2. Therefore, it is not certain where the borrowed value lies.

You will often here this referred to as regrouping because you are making groups of 10 at other place values. You are taking a digit from the higher place value and dropping it down to the lower place. The worksheets on this page just focus on borrowing and regrouping from the tens place and dropping that value down to the ones place. This same technique can be applied to any place value, even decimals.

What is Subtracting Across Zeroes?

The anatomy of a subtraction has three parts the value that you are taken a value away from is called the minuend, the subtrahend is the value you are taking away from the minuend, and the difference is the value that is left over. Subtracting across zeroes is when you have a minuend that has zeroes in it and subtrahend that is taking away a value at that position that is other than a zero. The significance of this is that at these position a borrow or regroup is forced as a result.

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