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Picture Subtraction

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Kindergarten Operations - K.OA.A.1

Can Picture Be Helpful to Learn Subtraction? During the early ages, when children start going to school and are new to gaining knowledge about different subjects, there are a variety of methods used for engaging children. When kids are little, they usually tend to have a smaller attention span, which is why there are a lot of various methods used for keeping them busy and make sure that they learn something useful. There are a number of strategies that are used for helping children learn through fun ways, such as through games and activities. When it comes to mathematics, several methods are used for making children learn basic operations. They are taught what numbers are, how to count, and in various places, tracing is used for helping children remember how the number looks like and how it can be written down. When children are being taught what addition and subtraction are, the most effective strategy is using pictures. Whether it appears on a page or flashcards, children tend to be more interested when they see colors, and there are fewer chances for them to be distracted. Using pictures to make children learn the basics of subtraction is a pretty smart idea. You can place objects or fruits and tell them that the bigger pile of the fruit has to let go of the smaller pile. Once they are done, tell them to color the picture, they will be more than just happy! These worksheets help students learn how to perform subtraction through the use of images and pictures.

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