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Rapid Fire Vertical Subtraction Math Facts

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 1 Operations - 1.OA.6

Is It Better to Learn Subtraction with Number in a Vertical or Horizontal Orientation? Using a vertical subtraction orientation is better than horizontal orientation. Many teachers and parents consider it as the best way because it makes more sense when moving carrying or borrowing numbers and moving double-digit figures. It is also visually more convenient to look at as all the values are lined up properly. For example:
- 1234
However, many schools are using worksheets, where a horizontal approach has taken place into solving subtraction and addition equations. One of the reasons behind this approach is to develop a habit of reaching from left to right, as math was introduced in this fashion in the first place. Kids are also able to understand different math symbols more efficiently. Such as: equals sign, greater than less than and shifting numbers from one side to the other. For example:
+ 6789
These worksheets are perfect drills for learning you math subtraction facts.

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