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Missing Digit Subtraction

Related to 2.NBT.B.7
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Grade 2 Operations - Related to 2.NBT.B.7

How Can Missing Digit Subtraction Lead to Algebra Skills - Missing digits are a real problem when it comes to solving them. Since you are stuck with the problem and you have to solve it, you need to figure out a way to find the solution to the problem. Before we start with understanding how missing digits and algebra connect in any way. Let's find out what is a missing digit subtraction. A missing digit subtraction is the problem of a number that doesn't have both the solving numbers in the problem. The above is the example of a missing digit problem. Now in the given number, what you have to do is reform the above problem in a way that answers to the problem, and the given complete number lies together and the other with a missing digit on the other side. Now subtract each digit of the problem to find the get the missing digit answer. These worksheets and lessons help students take a baby step toward algebra by teaching them how to find missing values in subtraction problems.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Two Digit Practice Sheets

Each sheet has a subtle adjustment made to it to help echo the skill.

Triple Digit Worksheets

They are all in a vertical orientation.

  • Version 1 - Place the missing numbers in the boxes to solve the following subtraction problems.
  • Version 2 - We can break this problem into 2 steps.
  • Version 3 - Evaluate the ones column.
  • Version 4 - Rewrite the problem with what we know now and evaluate the tens column.