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Writing Names of Numbers and Expanded Format

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Grade 2 Base Ten - 2.NBT.3

What Is the Expanded Form Of Numbers (ex. 1,487 = 1,000 + 400 + 80 + 7)? To understand the expanded form of a number, a child must have a clear understanding of the concept of place values of digits. Every digit in a number has a value that is determined by its position in the number. The lowest place value is the unit's place. Let's take the number 1,487 as an example. 1: 1 sits at the thousand's place which means there is one thousand in the number 4: 4 sits at the hundred's place which means there are four hundred in the number 8: 8 sits at the ten's place which means there are eight tens in the number 7: 7 sits at the unit's place which means there are seven ones in the number Now we know the numbers that are adding together to form the number 1,487. We can numerically write the information as; 1,000+400+80+7=1,487 When you know the place value of every digit in the number, you can very easily write it in an expanded form. These worksheets help students learn to write the names of numbers and to express numbers in expanded form.

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Homework Sheets

These are all on expanded notation and the conversion between standard form.

  • Homework 1- Write each number in expanded notation.
  • Homework 2- Convert the expanded notation to standard form.
  • Homework 3- The standard form to expanded is a tough go.

Writing Names of Numbers Practice Worksheets

Writing Numbers in Expanded Form Worksheets


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