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Adding and Subtracting Money Worksheets

The skills that we explore on this topic with students provides them a foundation that will follow them through every single day of their lives. Go to buy a cup of coffee from the local barista, you will need to know how much change to expect back. Want to sell someone an old sports jersey you had lying around, you better be sure that you have these skills on lockdown. We give you a series of lessons and worksheets that progressively help your students learn how calculate the value of money-based transactions. We try to stray away from presenting complex word problem in this section. We look at how to approach sums and differences of coins and dollars. If you want the complex word problems, we have them too.

Aligned Standard: 2.MD.C.8

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Sums of Money Practice Sheets

These all involve the addition of currency at least to the dollar value.

  • Homework - Total each set of Money Amounts.
  • Independent Practice 2 - When finding the value of sums of money, it is much like adding decimal values. For that reason we add for the right to the left
  • Quiz - We find the best way to set these problems up is to think of them as decimal operations.

Subtraction of Currency Practice Worksheets

Most of the values found here are larger than previous versions of the topic.

How to Add and Subtract Values of Money

Shakedown Money

Teaching kids about money is very crucial. Realizing the true value of money is critical for the mental growth of the kids. It is never 'too soon' for introducing kids to the concept of money. Parents must start by teaching them the purchase concepts where they have to deal with change. Moreover, they must also introduce them to the concept of saving money. Both these concepts involve subtracting and adding values of money. As citizens and consumers, this will become part of our students lives.

If your parents have started teaching you about money, you will have to strengthen the concepts of adding and subtracting values of money. It all begins with introducing them to bills and coins. The first question to answer is what the difference is between bills and coins. The decimal point makes that easy because the bills contribute to the left of the decimal point and the coins to the right. A good way to describe this is by sharing this visual ($ dollars.cents) with students. At the start we do not want to confuse them will carrying over that threshold so try to begin by using problems that keep the dollar and cents values separate. As they begin to have success, we can introduce the concept of borrowing bills to solve subtraction problems or carrying coin values into bill values territory.

Adding Values of Money - Remember how you add whole numbers? Well, adding values of money is somewhat similar to it. The only thing that you need to consider when adding money is to add cents with cents and dollars with dollars. They are separated by a decimal point. The dollars are found to the left of decimal point and cents are fond to the right. For example, to have $1.34 in your pocket, and you have to raise a fund for the orphanage. You ask your friend for his share, and he gives you $2.64 to you. To calculate the total cost, you have to add both the amounts;

$1.34 + $2.64 = $3.98

It is how you add money, by adding cents into cents and dollars into dollars.

Subtracting Values of Money - Subtracting money values is similar to adding money. The only difference is that there is a minus sign in the sum. Now imagine that you are going to buy a loaf of bread that costs $1.99, and you have $3.67 in your pocket. How much money will you have when you have purchased the loaf of bread.

$3.67 - $1.99 = ?

A good way to reinforce these skills is through the use of a school store. This is something that the older students can run, but these younger students can learn so much from just buying a simple pencil, pen, or eraser.

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