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Adding and Subtracting Values of Money

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Grade 2 Measurement - 2.MD.C.8

How to Add and Subtract Values of Money? Teaching kids about money is very crucial. Realizing the true value of money is critical for the mental growth of the kids. It is never 'too soon' for introducing kids to the concept of money. Parents must start by teaching them the purchase concepts where they have to deal with change. Moreover, they must also introduce them to the concept of saving money. Both these concepts involve subtracting and adding values of money. If your parents have started teaching you about money, you will have to strengthen the concepts of adding and subtracting values of money. Adding Values of Money - Remember how you add whole numbers? Well, adding values of money is somewhat similar to it. The only thing that you need to consider when adding money is to add cents with cents and dollars with dollars. For example, to have $1.34 in your pocket, and you have to raise a fund for the orphanage. You ask your friend for his share, and he gives you $2.64 to you. To calculate the total cost, you have to add both the amounts; $1.34 + $2.64 = $3.98 It is how you add money, by adding cents into cents and dollars into dollars. Subtracting Values of Money - Subtracting money values is similar to adding money. The only difference is that there is a minus sign in the sum. Now imagine that you are going to buy a loaf of bread that costs $1.99, and you have $3.67 in your pocket. How much money will you have when you have purchased the loaf of bread. $3.67 - $1.99 = ? We look at how to approach sums and differences of coins and dollars.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Sums of Money Practice Sheets

These all involve the addition of currency at least to the dollar value.

  • Homework - Total each set of Money Amounts.
  • Independent Practice 2 - When finding the value of sums of money, it is much like adding decimal values. For that reason we add for the right to the left
  • Quiz - We find the best way to set these problems up is to think of them as decimal operations.

Subtraction of Currency Practice Worksheets

Most of the values found here are larger than previous versions of the topic.