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Odds and Evens Preview

Looking for something to spruce up your classroom? Better yet something that is fun and will help student get the concept? These are just what the doctor ordered to help students leap those high standards just a step quicker. We made sure that these were extra colorful for you.

Operations and Pre-Algebra

1 and 2 Step Word Problems - 2.OA.1

One Step Word Problems Two Step Word Problems

Simple Addition and Subtraction - 2.OA.2

Addition Within 20 Subtraction Within 20

Odds and Evens - 2.OA.3

Odds and Evens Even or Odd?

Consecutive Numbers - 2.OA.3

Consecutive Numbers Consecutives In Word Problems

Rectangular Arrays - 2.OA.4

Rectangular Arrays Counting Rectangular Arrays

Numbers and Base Ten

Four Digit Addition - 2.NBT

4 Digit Sums Carrying Numbers In 4-Digit Addition

Addition of Three Integers - 2.NBT

Addition of Three Integers Sums of 3 Integers

Place Value (Ones, Tens, Hundreds) - 2.NBT.A.1

Visual Place Value Boxed Place Value

Ones, Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands Blocks - 2.NBT.A.1

Ones, Tens, Hundreds Blocks Thousands Blocks

Skip Counting to 1000 (5s, 10s, 100s) - 2.NBT.2

Skip Counting to 1,000 By 10s, 25s, 50s

Mixed Skip Counting - 2.NBT.2

Mix It Up! Irregular Skip Counting

Skip Counting By 5s - 2.NBT.2

With Cards With Shapes

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Numerals, Number Names, Expanded Form - 2.NBT.3

Forms of Numbers All Three Forms

Names of Numbers and Expanded Format - 2.NBT.3

Writing Names of Numbers Expanded Format of Numbers

Number Comparisons (Under 1000) - 2.NBT.4

How Do They Compare? Greater, Smaller, Equal

Fluently Adding and Subtracting - 2.NBT.5

Adding Ladybugs, Subtracting Bees Subtraction and Addition Steps

Adding Single and Double Digits - 2.NBT.B.5

One and Two Digit Sums Adding Double Digits

Addition of Double Digits - 2.NBT.B.5

Double Digit Sums Grid Style Double Integer Sums

One Digit from Two Digits Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.5

Small Differences Horizontal Simple Subtraction

Two Digit Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.5

Super Rabbit Subtraction Zack's Turtles

Sums of Four Two Digit Numbers - 2.NBT.6

Addition of Four Two-Digit Numbers Peanut Addition

Adding and Subtracting (Within 1,000) - 2.NBT.7

Adding Within 1,000 Subtracting Within 1,000

Addition of Triple and Double Digits - 2.NBT.7

Adding Double and Triple Digit Integers 3 Step Addition

Two Digit from Three Digit Subtraction - 2.NBT.7

Two Digit From Three Digit Subtraction Three Step Subtraction of Large Numbers

Three from Three Digit Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.7

Differences of Three Integer Numbers Subtraction By Places

Mixed Number Subtraction - 2.NBT.B.7

Mixed Differences Left to Right Subtraction

Estimate Sums - 2.NBT.B.7

Estimating Sums of Money Estimate Basic Sums

Mixed Addition - 2.NBT.B.7

Carrying With Mixed Addition Mixed Star Addition

Three Digit Addition - 2.NBT.B.7

Three Digit Column Addition Grid Style Three Digit

Mental Addition and Subtraction - 2.NBT.8

Mental Sums Mental Subtraction

Fact Families - 2.NBT.9

Relating Addition Relative Subtraction

Measurement and Data

Measurement Tools and Measuring Length - 2.MD.1

Tools of Measurement Measuring Lengths

Measures of Length Word Problems - 2.MD.2

How to Measure Length Measuring Length with Boxes

Estimating Units of Length - 2.MD.3

Estimating Units Choosing Units of Length

Estimating Length Measures - 2.MD.3

Estimating Length Measures of Length

Measuring Length in Meters - 2.MD.4

Length in Meters Weird Length Measures

Length Word Problems - 2.MD.5

Length Word Problems How to Step Up Length Word Problems

Number Lines and Whole Numbers - 2.MD.6

Using Number Lines Numbers of a Numbers Line

Telling Time from Analog and Digital Clocks - 2.MD.7

Analog vs. Digit Clocks A.M. vs. P.M. Time

Measuring Time in Words - 2.MD.C.7

Same Time, Different Clock Formats Quarter After, Quarter Of, Half Past

Dollars and Cents Word Problems - 2.MD.8

Money Word Problems Dollars and Cents Word Problems

Counting Coins and Dollars - 2.MD.8

Counting Coins Counting Coins and Dollars

Converting Money Values - 2.MD.C.8

Writing Cents and Dollar Values Converting Coins to Dollar Values

Counting Coins (U.S.) - 2.MD.C.8

Multiple Coin Values Coin Prompted Counting

Making Change - 2.MD.C.8

What Coins and Bills Are Needed? Change Based Word Problems

Mixed Coin Counts ( Up to $5.00) - 2.MD.C.8

Start With The Big Coins Mixed Coin Counts

Generate Measurement Data Word Problems - 2.MD.9

Line Plots Line Parts

Make Graphs That Represent Data - 2.MD.10

Parts of a Bar Graph Using Bar Graphs

Horizontal Bar Charts - 2.MD.D.10

Side Bar Graphs Empty Bar Graphs

Making Bar Graphs - 2.MD.D.10

Making A Bar Graph Horizontal or Vertical Bars

Reading Data Tables - 2.MD.D.10

Lemonade Stand Data Tables Reading Data Tables

Making Pictographs - 2.MD.D.10

What's a Pictograph? Pizza Pete's Pictograph


Recognizing and Drawing Shapes - 2.G.1

Basic Shapes Name That Shape

Rectangular Area - 2.G.2

Area of a Rectangle Working the Grid

Partition Circles and Rectangles - 2.G.3

Wholes and Halves Visual Fractions