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Reading Data Tables Worksheets

Data can be used to help us make informed decisions or better understand a situation or circumstance. To communicate data, it is often found placed within tables. Data tables are composed of lines that go right to left called rows and up to down called columns. Normally the first row is labelled to indicate the variables that we are examine in the data table. The first column is used to indicate the specific data we are assessing of each variable. Being about to make sense of these tables is something that takes time and experience. We want to be able to easily transfer these into graphs or other visual tools that will help us spot trends and patterns. Students can use these worksheets and lessons to learn how to understand and use data tables.

Aligned Standard: 2.MD.D.10

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Homework Sheets

This skill lends itself to sales volume. So we run with it!

  • Homework 1 - What was the total number of Watches sold in February?
  • Homework 2 - What was the most popular subject in class X?
  • Homework 3 - How many people chose tablets as their favorite gadget?

Practice Worksheets

Interpret all of the little scenarios along the way.

  • Practice 1 - How many people choose Football as their favorite Sport?
  • Practice 2 - What was the total number of televisions sold in January?
  • Practice 3 - On which month were the most shirts sold?

Math Skill Quizzes

See if you can make sense of the mini charts we have here. I was trying something new with these.

  • Quiz 1 - How many girls choose White Lilies as their favorite flower?
  • Quiz 2 - How many students choose French fries as their favorite fast food?
  • Quiz 3 - How many people choose Pullovers as their favorite winter wear?

What are Data Tables?

Rows and Columns of Data Tables

Understanding data using visual representation helps understand the information better and more efficiently. Using tables for representing data can help connect the dots for students at early stage of math. Data tables have variety of applications in the professional world like politics, science, and finance. Tables allow large amount of numeric data to be represent in a more understandable manner. It helps people understand data conveniently.

Data tables are normally setup in rows and columns. The data can be setup in direct. The most common setup, that audiences are familiar with, is a vertical setup where each column has a label at the top and the data flows underneath. When you are exploring more than one variable, data tables normally have the data presented horizontally to accommodate all the variables.

A data table compiles data in the simplest of forms for representing the data. It uses rows and columns for data interpretation. For instance, the table provided below shows the average number of visitors on two different lakes over the period of eight years. Looking at the rows and columns you can see that every single row corresponds to a different year and every column represent a different lake.

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