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Recognizing and Drawing Shapes Worksheets

When it comes to learning these unique geometric figures there are so many underlying benefits that many people do not take the time to realize. It helps youngsters start to solidify and communicate the concept of same and different. These observation skills eventually lead them to being able to put things into categories and sort them accordingly. Children will also begin to learn a sense of spatial awareness which eventually leads to mastering the concepts of relative position. Working with well-defined figures also improves our ability to recognize letters and how they fit into words. You wouldn't think that they directly relate, but there has been plenty of research that connects the two. This makes sense when you think about it, isn't the letter "O" just an oval after all? Students get introduced to geometric shapes with these worksheets. They learn to identify as well as draw these shapes.

Aligned Standard: Grade 2 Geometry - 2.G.1

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Homework Sheets

We work on counting sides and defining different shapes.

  • Homework 1- What is the name of this type of figure? Remember to focus on the number of sides and corners, at first.
  • Homework 2- An oval or ovoid is any curve that looks like an egg or an ellipse.
  • Homework 3- How many sides does each figure have? It may be better termed by saying "How many faces?"

Practice Worksheets

The first two sheets are all about counting sides, I find students have the most difficulty with that. The last sheet defines shapes.

  • Practice 1- Students will work with objects with similar sides, but different names.
  • Practice 2- Some common symbols here that you will be asked to interpret and understand.
  • Practice 3- What is the name of this type of figure? Think on it for a bit.

Math Skill Quizzes

1 and 3- Name the shapes. 2- Count the number of sides.

  • Quiz 1- Lots to take in here. This gets brighter as it moves on.
  • Quiz 2- How many sides does each figure have?
  • Quiz 3- These might be a bit more common place to students.

How to Recognize and Draw Shapes

Do you know that there is a name for every shape in the world? Look around! You will find plenty of things around you in different shapes. There are squares, circles, spheres, rectangles, and triangles all around you. But learning shapes can be difficult at times since all these shapes look a lot like each other. But what if we tell you a secret to recognize these shapes and learn them all by heart. The best way to learn these shapes is to identify and remember their sides or corners. This will help you recognize every shape immediately. How would you identify a circle or a rectangle from other shapes? Remember that shape with no corner is a circle, and shape with three pointed corners is a triangle. Similarly, you can also draw these shapes by keeping in mind the number of corners they have. For example: To draw a triangle, make three dots. One above and two below it in a straight line. Now join these dots. You have a perfect triangle drawn within seconds. Here are the basic shapes we need to understand:

Circle - A closed shape that made up of curved lines. It has no sides or corners. The direct center is an equal distance to points of the curved lines.


Oval - Similar to a circle, but it is shaped like an egg.


Triangle - The prefix tri- means 3. This is a 3-sided object which also has 3 corners.


Rectangle - A 4-sided object where all the sides meet at a right angle (90°). Has 4 corners. The opposite sides are parallel to one another.


Square - This has all the attributes of a rectangle with one exception. All squares have equal lengths of sides.


Rhombus - It looks like a diamond and all sides have equal length. The best way to explain this one is that it is a square that is setup on a corner.


Pentagon - This is a 5-sided object that also has 5 corners.


Trapezoid - A 4-sided object with only one pair of parallel sides.


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